stun absorber bug?

during island event, willowyrm’s stun flash didn’t work on stun absorber Giraverdant. Please see attachment picture.

That picture doesn’t really show it not working, so I don’t know. Maybe include a sequence of pictures showing up using the move?

If it had stealth on, then it wouldn’t get stunned and neither would the rest of the team

wow, so if you stealth absorber, he actually won’t get stunned…

Thanks man. I think its the fish did the stealth thing

He cannot be stunned if it is an attack stun ex stun flash, but if it stunning entrance he will absorb it and gain a lot TU

On the note of stunning bugs, I noticed a stun absorber get a 600+ wait from one stun flash (having been about 50s away beforehand) - which seems odd given stun flash only total 400 stun.

They only seem to get 240ish from regular 80 stun entrance/death revenge (equivalent to 3 stuns).

Doesn’t seem to be very consistent at all. Not really sure how it’s calculated how much stun they take.

Stun Pulse makes the least sense - instead of 200, they take about 600 or something silly - even if you use stun pulse directly on them!