Pvp bug

So I have noticed that when you stun a SE stun absorber they get plus 600 stun second. This is making chonox evolutions way to OP. This doesn’t seem to be doing this if you stun other things but haven’t tested it too much.

This is not a bug. The stun absorbers are supposed to take all of the stun for your line. So they get 600+ seconds.

No, I used stub from galvbane. Which only stuns one thing at a time. So that shouldnt happen. I’ve lost so many games because they stun my absorber with galv and then time strike all which wipes my front line.

I know, intended effect that doesn’t make sense.

They should fix it though.

I just had a glitch where it was my team turners go then tiamazus so I skipped with TT to put him behind next enemy monster that I was going to kill with poison eater and instead the TT skipped behind 2 enemy monsters which had a large margin of TU they wasn’t a second apart so it was a glitch. Cost me the game as enemy then purified when I had omegas tia and bane on field