Stunning Entrance Bug

I Know that the developers are working on this, but the owl stun bug has been kinda spreading to all stun entrances making the game pretty much impossible to play. I was playing the biweekly mission on the last of the five battles you take with your own team, got my Ultimadragon killed and got the death revenge on an enemy monster but sadly there was a stunner (Cybereon) on the first line of the enemy reinforcements and my game died. This is like the fifth time I experience this since the new update came out and it’s annoying beacuse you’re pretty much winning the battle and then bye bye you lose because you have to exit the game. I won’t play anymore until this annoying bug is resolved. Sorry for my bad english anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the bug happens qhen a monster with stun enters the fiels but in the lost crown jewels event, in the frailing battlevwhen my sear entered the field this bug happened. Whays even more annoying is that i had encountered the grailing on my first attempt.