Bufffff olds monsters

Hello, this post to demand an imminent bufffff for all the old monsters for the simple reason of the limited list … if you want to create diversity in the game I think that is the best idea not only to limit the most used monsters. I have almost 6 pages of legendary and I do not use even half of them for pvp for the simple reason that they are bad either because of their skills or their statistics or the seconds when executing an action, there are not many people happy with the limited list … it’s now a bufffff for those monsters who have been on the bench for years and are practically useless, it’s time for them to get back into action


It is the harsh and harsh reality most of the legends of neomonters are in the bank for being pure garbage I think it’s time to turn the tables on

I like this idea, if return my brutal axe fl I’ll come back to play the game

Cries in Emeraldont

Woooooo! Let’s PUSH some power creep!!! Totally healthy for the game!!


Glad to see people agree with the fact old monsters should be given a chance!
I think the most deserving of a buff are Dragaia, the Penguinator, Bazilogon, Warca and Metatherion (the only respectable sleep monster).

I’d be careful with buffing Taloknight and Apollorexus because they’re DR monsters. They shouldn’t be too viable.


this is not the point of the thread. That combo was extremely unbalanced and made most matches one-sided, and I say this as a Brutalaxe user: I’m glad it was nerfed.

This thread is about almost unused monsters in PvP, and Brutalaxe is still one of the strongest mythics even in 2nd form.

It’s easy, just put them in your team with some stun protection and queue for a match 🤷. It’s much more satisfying to win when you’re not playing with a meta team anyway.

What we actually need is more legend potions. The switch to the new 3-step system has still not been accounted for! The number of potions from events should be doubled or tripled so we could get one “step” as a reward. That way potions could go to other than S+ monsters.

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Power creep is there anyway. Buffing old monsters reduces the gap if done consistently imo.


Bahamuzar (small)
Emeraldont- Attack stat
Gryphking - change passive

Let’s go :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Gryphking could well have Stun Converter. It’s already a Chrono monster and could be the perfect tool to help your monsters recover from Stun locks.


Huge shout. Love it. @Dev_VKC

Imo Zhulong would benefit from a blood move. Perhaps Focus Bloodthirst?

They need something to make last bite actually threatening. Piercing would be my suggestion. Then they might even become PvP viable. It could break some PvE stuff so we should be cautious with this one.

The only issue with this monster imo is the TU of summon swarm. Perhaps a reduction to 160 sec would be in order?

Its main function is definitely support so I’d switch his SS from an offensive ability to a defensive one. Maybe a LINK move that purifies and gives shields to all teammates?

We must be cautious with this one too, it has potential to break the game in the right circumstances. I agree that stun revenge is just a terrible passive. Stun immunity/converter might be a good option, but again, this is the type of monster that can get too powerful too fast especially when used with Botanic.

They’re functional, definitely not the first picks for PvP but solid PvE monsters. I wouldn’t touch them.


I agree a lot with this thread. Power creep, piercing moves as well as mythics make the meta and the general power levels required for a PvE or PvP battle to slowly but surely go up.


  • for sure, either a stealth move that does not require link like Glaciaron or a blood move


  • rework could help it out, changing blood move to bloodfury or union attack


  • Reliant on stun too much, clone is weak to poison and now the decay aura


  • Huge AoE attack and two weak killer moves (not piercing, double targets etc.). Blood move takes while to charge up as well


  • Perhaps change give turn to something more viable like something that can target boxjaw (IE double exorcism), reduce TU of regular AoE


  • Double herbicide to target bronzeshell, union attack or counter strike?


  • Needs more survivability since Warca got stun converter and HG. Perhaps give it purifying mist or flame eater

Last biters

  • AoE too much time, last bite cannot be used unless it is only mon alive. Perhaps from the brink (as a SS) will work alright, backbite or backstab will be nice as well
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I love GT. it’s really useful for my team atm :partying_face: wouldn’t change Midas.

Yeah it should be much lower. When you get rocks that are summoned for free by so many monsters. It’s slow so I’d make it around 120

Omg that would actually be so perfect

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You gotta love how you defend the limited list with everything you got while totally ignoring the reports of people who are actively telling you that their account gets hit very hard by this and that they have no real alternatives for the limited monsters (not even mentioning the poll where basically only 1/5 in here is happy with the way the list is working currently) and when these people suggest to buff older monsters because - guess what - they got f*cked by your beloved limit list, you got nothing but a sarcastic nonsense comment for them.

Show some respect for players who don’t have these massive veteran accounts like we do. Not everybody is an S Tier Spammer who now has to build a real team for the first time in his life. Quite a few people have small collection accounts and they are relying on certain monsters to be successful. Seeing these monsters being limited will make them wish for their other monsters to be stronger. That’s the logical consequence of a thing like the limit list.

And last but not least: Oh the irony of saying buffing old monsters would push power creep. As if the p0rn girls wouldn’t get the job done on their own…


Tier spam is relative anyway like so many people have said. Take away S tier and the next thing will be A tier spam.

The poll stats are very telling.


Please don’t come needlessly attacking my statements just because we disagree and you’re not happy about something. Your post looks a bit personal!

On any other day if someone was suggesting to buff half their monsters that they don’t use you’d be standing on my side, explaining to people that we should be wary about pushing power creep. You know as well as I do that this post was made in gut response to the PvP restrictions and it’s yet another TNC player who wants to talk about F2P vs P2W on the forum (referring to some of their other posts here).

As far as buffing a few of the underused/weaker monsters so they have their niche case or a bit more to do, I’m totally for that. I’ve even worked to get some of those waifu mythics nerfed which you’re referencing.

I love you

We should, but I don’t think buffing older legendaries would do this that much. The power creep happens anyway. For years Neo has survived by creating strong monsters and then creating a solution to be better. Myths are the very definition of a power creep. But even within Myths and legends themselves, there is a creep. Look at Myths today compared to a year ago. I think buffing older legendaries would be good, as long as it’s in moderation.