Buffed Poison

im writing this to get people’s opinions about Poison on buffed monsters. obviously most veteran players know that poison is ridiculous to face on buffed monsters as they can just sweep through a team easily. This is why poison is the preferred choice of cheats in UC which is just a thing that the devs seem to let happen every single time UC comes around so ig we just have to live with it. who cares if it affects rankings and player enjoyment, right…? (make a poison insulator or an autopoison disabling/instakilling monster PLEASE, or better yet - dont allow cheats to use thier buffed teams in your game.)

however a less talked about thing is how poison actually affects the monsters. as it stands monsters that are buffed take about 1 or 2 hp damage every turn from poison tick whereas ive seen myself taking 300+ damage to my unbuffed monsters which is just unplayable if you meet a monster with poison gas like mushashoid or rhinobrawl because you never have enough time to actually kill them.

why is this so unfairly designed? surely poison should work relatively to a monsters HP so superbuffed monsters would get MORE hp loss every turn thsn non buffed?

anyone else have any thoughts?

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No, I didn’t even read , anyway probably is u complaining lmfao


It’s completely unrealistic to expect there to be no cheaters in games. The latest anti-cheat measure they added to UC is the gatekeepers and we all know how it causes a lot of legitimate players problems as they disconnect from the gatekeeper battles. We wouldn’t want the whole game like this!

As for poison, here’s how it works:
500s duration, 0.0003 damage multiplier per second (0.15 in total)

So it scales like a normal attack with 0.15 modifier (for reference, chrono killer is 0.7) and is spread out over the 500 seconds evenly but the damage is rounded up to 1 when it would be below 1.

When it comes to UC, I take the poison teams as an extra challenge we all face. Cheater teams are actually usually easier to beat than normal teams, it’s just the occasional poison or AoE team we meet which is harder. I also like how poison scales with attack stat so it becomes increasingly more dangerous at high levels of UC. It’s practically the only place in the game where poison damage is actually high.

LMFAO. how exactly is that anticheat?
they are obviously buffing thier own teams so what does it matter what opponents they face? and all it could realistically do is show that someone is using hacks, given that theres so many in the top ranks rn it clearly doesn’t stop them.

It’s an anticheat because the battle functions just like pvp battles where the devs would be able to detect cheats.

detecting isn’t stopping.

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As Duck said. They get detected then banned from online content

AFTER the event finishes.

meanwhile they muck up the rankings for everyone else.


Nope, they get banned while the event is happening. The ones who get banned afterwards are the people who turned off cheats for the gatekeepers so avoided detection during the event.

At least, this is how it’s been explained to me

We still have some cheater in this UC, and its Started annoying When u faced same player again and again.

I am already post the name of suspisious ACC, idk why they not clear them during UC started. If they can’t ban them now, at least don’t make other player faced again them


UC is fun without cheaters, but that’s impossible because of the slow action of the developers who eliminate cheat players after the event is over, have you ever thought if it’s fair if legit players meet cheater team players? It’s such a disservice because tokens are refilled every 1 hour and playing with a cheat team only to lose? very annoying :expressionless:


That’s where you’re wrong :eyes:

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Recently a little addicted to UC, because I created a fun team.


Well they’re usually easier to beat, so it’s more of a service than a disservice!

Haha I’m talking specifically about UC anti-cheat measures :stuck_out_tongue:

this is rubbish. stop condoning hackers.


Lol, not at all! I just think when people take the angle that it’s unfair for players to face these cheaters it’s silly. This isn’t PvP where they take wins from other people or anything like that… they’re just a slightly different type of team we face and they’re removed from the leaderboard at the end so they don’t affect our rewards from position

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I am prefer meet your UC team in entire UC. More Then some cheater like Bony

Don’t try Protect that cheater. U try to protect them bcoz they Will messed normal player?
I started thinking, they are not cheater just normal bot Vkc Made so they can Messed with normal player. And maybe this is also explain
Why we always meet cheater in UC .


Compare your winrate against non cheater teams to your winrate against cheater teams then try saying that again with a straight face :duck:

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cant exactly say i struggle with cheaters as their aoe teams is normaly unevolved thlugs which is slow or poison which is also slow and my lucifelle being poison immune and shielded can sweep those teams pretty freely

but i prefere fighting UC teams as my teams are built around ways to handle super buffed DRS cloners etc making fighting a buffed pvp team more complicated at the end of the day

It doesn’t matter if Cheater is strong or weak. The important thing is that Cheater makes some users who play by the rules feel uncomfortable. This is something that needs to be corrected. It’s very simple.