2 imbalances !

Hi @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD
And fellow players ,

I’m going to break this post into 2 parts of balance calls ! ANGELION and DOLPHIN BOND

  1. Angelion still a mythic !

Yes the defense has been reduced but in true honesty , it’s defense shouldn’t have been higher at all before this change so it doesn’t exactly count !

Same old problem since it’s release . Stun counter + insomnia + purify all is overkill enough !
Why in the frickin world does it have that rebirth thing ?

Comparison : hellfox has similar move but it needs a kill to use it !

Suggestion : Don’t place a time restriction or what not but give a restriction similar to that of hell fox !
(I’m using bold on purpose cos this Bs has gone long enough ) it has retribution and several other VERY strong utility skills to offer .

It can die to Chrono killer and dolphin yeah but this one is just at a totally different level than other stun counters. I Hope devs consider a more meaningful balance approach towards angelion !

This brings us to the buff dolphins got !
DOLPHIN BOND : Stun immunity is just a overkill buff . Especially with that 1s diamond summon ss . Nothing much to say here . It definitely needs a tweak .

Open to friendly discussions !

PS : I don’t support nerfs but I support balances !


Dolphin Bond: I agree that it should be balanced. However, I feel that decreasing the boost to 50% would be a better balance than removing Stun Immunity.

Angelion: Rather than balance its secret skill, my idea would be to buff Hellfox’s skill so that it doesn’t require a kill to activate.


I almost gave u a like reading that first half but second half stopped me .
I can totally understand ur second suggestion hellfox lover ! :joy::wink:

Funny thing, I don’t even have it :laughing:

Oh then I must be confused with lemon then ! One of u love that thing so much

Also can we talk about why the hell does dolphreeze still has unmovable? We all know That passive is VERY good but it was a nerf since it had the entrace passive. Why wasn’t that patched while rabalancing dolphreeze? Out of all monsters, why was dolphreeze buffed so much like this? An already top tier monster, mind you.


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The bond makes dolph impossible to kill when other dolph is on field and the unmovable makes it so that killing it is the only option to deal with it. Had so many situations where the unmovable kept me from knocking it back


Hellfox with rebirth 1s and double rebutrion, agelion with soul 130s and rebutrion , i think it’s oke

And angel protects your team against all archtypes, fox doesnt do ■■■■


I personally still find Hellfox very strong. It is not used in PvP because Nph creates too many strong meta. Like Tyrogon or Raizen, … so. It does not need buffs but should be in regular or rare Eggs to give new players a powerful Beater

I’m glad to share similar opinions regarding angelion and dolphins with most replies so far .

@VNchaohunter , just give in to the dark side and agree with us .


The anglelion has been weakened in recent two versions. I think he may be a dying lion in the next version. The dolphins was strengthened too much this time.

Angelion is okay
It needs ss restriction
But I agree
Dolphin bond sucks
Even my cele can’t finish fire dolphin with link faststrike
Also he can kill mon that has 110 TU with timestrike
It’s combo with protectors and shield field also sucks

maybe I can’t give in to neft agelion again, buff Hellfox can use sercet right away

This forum never changes.

Try and consider answers to the various strategies. See if the monster provides too much of a restriction on answers.

Wish I could provide more commentary but I don’t have an account right now.

Professor, you need to resume on the meds :joy:Mythics are the problem they are OP as hell after the cost reduction. Angelion should not be nerfed at all. Sad you are still advocating this…

At least in my limited PVP experience, I have never had a problem facing Angelion and mine never gets any play time because it is immediately killed in both PvP and PVE.

I sometimes use it to my advantage knowing that my opponent will target it so I can do something unexpected.

Welcome back @Zardecil maybe we can be friends this time around.



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