New pvp special rule

Next special rule i would like to see no poison monsters in team. bet that would be difficult for alot of people


The point of special rule is not to make teambuilding as limited as possible. I feel like the devs need that memo as well

I would like the devs to limit Monsterdex
For example: Dex 1-1499
U can only use Monster within this dex number :slight_smile:
It will make people use some old/forgotten Legendary Monsters


Sounds great, honestly

Only monsters that start with a vowel

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I know the reason behind this

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No monsters which will be in the most used monsters list of this season are allowed


No monsters with “Turn-Granting” abilities


Forum is so empty these days . What happened to many users!? We r just a few now

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The forum has always bounced back. Remember 2018?

The forum statistics show that we still have a healthy number of users. Not quite as high as the annual peak in October but still much higher than earlier in the year. The vast majority of people come here but don’t type posts.

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No mythics and no S+/S legendaries from the tierlist (they can just name them in the app instead of saying no this tier legendaries alllowed).

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A mi seme complicaria pero no abra problema

Esa no porque si no no podre utilisar a noxdrake y mee imajino que otros tendran legendarios

Precisely my goal

Manda foto de tu equipo

Como que tu meta.

Alguien quiere pelear