What is your favourite special rule?

Mine is probably this one. I do like no stun as well obvs.

But this one is cool because it gives players with a smaller collection a better chance, as they can make the most of the few myths or leggies they have.

What’s your favourite SP rule? And any suggestions for others?


This same one, that the battles are of few movements and fast, I find it very fun and explosive xD

No myth and legend.
Max 3 elem each team. Its my favorite

I get very high wr . In both special rule

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1 Maximum 3 elements
Reason : A way to see which link fire users use something different

2 Cost 100.
Reason: Explosiveness and faster battles

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Ah I find that too boring, because now it ends up full of dev made SE teams like crystal wyrms etc . Although I used to love running SE teams outside of special rule. A no myth rule would be fun :blush:

The 10 second to make a move rule.


Stun immune pvp.

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Or just use prismegasus and a boxjaw at the end and still run link fire the whole team like I did lmao.

can’t see opponent’s reinforcement :face_exhaling:


Yes, but you deserved to use it because you thought of a way to make it work, unlike the others who, unable to notice someone else, stopped using it.

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Lol that was a good one

oh shii i forgot about that one. good shout. it was crazy

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Rule where you cant see the next mons…
Its total chaos


Would love a special rule with no Dev made teams. No…

Crystal worm


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The no legend and myth known.
I like it when my four +9 gummy dragon literally destroy my enemy team and didn’t even give them chance to win.

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I like the current 100 limit rule, because the annoyingly laggy PvP matches are much faster now.

I would also like a rule with limited sleep (maybe limit to 2x sleep monster in the team), I agree sleep to be a very effective tool, but in PvP excessive sleep teams keep dragging the match very long due to the sync lag.

(yes, I admit that I’m a hater of the PvP lagginess, please don’t mind me :pray:)


I love the special rule : SHEROX wins every fight no madder how the fight will end😤

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Hard for me to decide which one😅

I thought of a different rule: I would like there to be a limited number of monsters and to give you the option to choose your team randomly (you choose 1 of 3 options), and obviously to have extra rolls, similar to how the Island Challenge would be and that for the next few days they allow you to access some monsters. All this playing PvP and its rewards.

It would be more like a new event than a PvP rule lol :laughing:

One rule I’d like to try is that the entry and turn order is reversed, slowest monster plays first and so on! If your monster has Roaring Entry, he will play last!