Is there a way to breed Arks like at the Day Care in pokemon ?

no at the moment. & not sure if there will be. I don’t think there should be unless they have baby arks.

I’m not sure if this is even possible in a game like this. How are we suppose to tell between male and female arks?

I would think that some sort of “creation” system for lineages of arks requiring 2 or more of the same species would be a good idea, and would help farm for S ranks, and make it a tinge easier.

It would be a cool idea tough

Thanks to you guys !

I wish there was breeding where grade was determined the same way it is in fusions so you only need to find a single S and then another of any grade and breed till you have another S grade. After that breed the S grades over and over for all of the S grades of that ark you need or want. :slight_smile:

Like a little datacenter haha but it Should not be possible with pvp rewards or online mission prizes

I would like this, but it ought to have some cost. Otherwise I’d just have two Omegawyrms…errr…go at it…all of the time instead of farming.

Well They Should reduce the chance of getting something equal to the spawn rate

Well they can lock certain monsters like in pokemon legendaires cant breed but they can gain levels so they should make a daycare like pokemon where you get lvls and if you leave 2 eligable arks of the same type they make a baby of one of em