Blitzdeer & Null

With the rise of link moves and mons, I feel like blitz would be a great addition to holy link.

I use it in some of my teams, but I have yet to see another player use blitz. It’s not overpowered or underpowered but I feel it would be more useful if the ss was link purifying mist.

I know there already is another null strip opened but just giving you guys my 2 cents after playing with her in pvp so far.

  • I’ve used her mid game and FL. I haven’t tried endgame but once throw mons start to become more popular she might be more useful towards the end especially with the shockers.

-In the FL, her weakness is the blue dragon crono killer. I paired her with heavens, and valza and lavamane into icefang. The fast repulse is very useful here into a fast stun and lava heals valza fully with canabalize. The key here is to get monsters to hold ground so she can execute. The shield from heavens is nice but if I use stun flash then no shield and chromera is a direct counter to him. I feel like valza is the perfect partner for her because the other player has to choose between the two when chrono killing whilst also being a converter.

-In mid game she is still very vulnerable. But if you have Get mons to Hg and a stunner in front or behind, chances are the other players have shockers upcoming and she can get on a roll and charge up her raw bloodthirst. Her 81 speed can normally get her at least one move in.

The key to playing her is getting her charged as quick as possible. Other monsters have to set him up, otherwise, she’s a sitting duck after 2, 50 tu moves and no way to charge while being easily killed. But, leave her alone and she can kill 3-5 mons in one turn.

I would rate her at A+ at most. After all is said and done, I’m keeping her in my team because she’s fun to play with.


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Funny I always saw Null as a male, it kind of looks like Predator to me tbh


The 2nd form is kinda girly but the final form not so much

Definitely a girl because it has a small heart shaped led light on the chest :thinking: :

Wtf you actually noticed that :joy::joy:

Love the direction this thread is going :joy::skull::+1:t2:

Blitzdyr, like most cloning monsters, isn’t going to be top notch for PvP. I feel like purifying mist is just going to be annoyingly hard to deal with sometimes when you face it. It already has good speed and hold ground, giving it the ability to protect your team from double sweepers feels a bit excessive.

Blitz needs no change, it works best with auro and have a stun lock to set it up

That’s the way I have him set up right now but his SS adds no value to me at this point. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I just realised that the SS already adds stealth. Got confused for a second and thought that was the purify but ofc that’s one of the standard moves.

I agree the SS would be better as something else. It seems perfectly fine and looks good with the design but in reality you don’t use it. Not enough to add +2 to the cost anyway!

I reckon Blitzdyr needs to be made 14 cost or the secret skill changed to link elemental healing 80/100TU with the Blitzdyr 16/15 cost respectively. That suits it nicely with the fact reindeer strike has recoil, is support (like the current SS) and will be far more useful for holy teams using it with monsters like Dusicyon or Aurodragon.

It’s 2018. People don’t know what gender they are

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It’s pretty hard to find your gender considering the fact that there is an “infinite amount” :joy: