Best use for gold?

Just started and don’t want to waste all the starting gold. What all can you use gold for and what is the best way to use it?

Save it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Then it depends :

either you want to learn how to time the eggs on an alternate save with the first free egg and then spent the gold from your main save on getting exactly what you want

or you don’t mind farming for the rarer arcs and don’t want to practise the egg spin, then you keep your gold for gold cards when you face said rare arcs (especially if they are S grade and have auto destruct abilities)

So it depends on what you want. However it’s best to keep it until you’re familiar with the game and what reaches it has over the game so you’re comfortable with how you want to spend it ! :slight_smile:

This is perfect advice.

You see, timing eggs is a difficult task, and shouldn’t be attempted at first. Every person has a different method, so it’s really impossible to hrs copy one. Everyone’s “internal time keeping” speed is different, luck varies, the eggs themselves change, and peoples’ judgement differs.

So yeah. Don’t time eggs unless you practice first.

There are several individuals that you can ask for advice.

I ended up buying the 5 thanks giving day specials. Ended up getting 1000g from that. Gonna be saving the rest I guess.