Best scorpion lead

Hey everybody. I been using scorpion endgame but wanna make a team using him FL. What the toughest scorpion lead y’all face

Mine is Cobra+Pump+Scorpio+Wicker sendback into bane. The ability to bonus lower monsters came around at the perfect time :sweat_smile: wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. if scorp gets taken out quick pump can simply do it for him, 2 auto poisoners for extra insurance. Very often results in 6-8 dead or sometimes even more right out the gate. It is of course susceptible to comebacks, which is why I’ve taken to using Houdinoid at the midpoint of my team.

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Sorry but there re stronger setups in my eyes…

@Yakuza, scorps Problem is Cent, he will come in top tier and will shut scorp down and stuns the rest of the team (or cobra)

Quickest setup would be:
Scorp at +9 + that Earth Titan Monster with retreat at 90 speed with at least + 2 or 3 to avoid rng stuff with scorp entrance (he has 80 speed right?)… plus Cobra or whatever u want to play (maybe some stun immune monsters)… 5th bane …

Cobra is mainly there for banes and 4th monsters (if not stun immune) stun protection

U can try a fast acceleration monster in fl + cobra and the rest I mentioned above

The only difference there is opting to for a support to make scorp even more deadly rather than a secondary offensive force for backup. In that strat if scorp goes down quick you seem to be rather helpless.

If u play dracorosa + scorp + cobra + Titan into bane, yes it may happen, but with stuff like
Scorp + geo + dracorosa + Titan into bane and 6th something like Alba… there should be something possible

But scorp seems to me like cani + 4* aoe, massive damage at early game, but shut down by camo monsters and easy to destroy with cent…
Just bang in a lot of S /S+ monsters after scorp and it should work …

a lot of people have this combo, right?

I think i found a setup nobody using and it works

i like scorpiogeist because it save me from sleep combos
my tiamazus was sleeping and scorpiogeist’s poison gas awakened him, after this my opponent fled the battle

Surprisingly I haven’t seen anyone else make use of wicker. I think this strat is beginning to spoil me to the point where if I use scorpio for anything else I’m gonna get annoyed about not being able to murder 2-4 enemies on the spot :sweat_smile:

btw, I recently created a more risky variant of it, replacing cobra with Tago for a possible triple massacre lol. Cobra often doesn’t do much with his first turn, just stalling with an unnecessary poison gas and often getting stunned before he can detox, pretty much solely devoted to stun watch. So I just kinda went “screw it, I got houdinoid in 8th so I don’t even care that much if I get stun locked”. I had a guy get my pump to 600 TU and bane to 400, and it was all for nothing. Still, pump could easily get shut down by an early stun even if it does boost scorpio in the process.

poison stun counter is the best strategy

it’s strong against stun, poison and sleep

did you battle me on pvp?

idk what your team or ign are, so can’t answer that question

I abused whickerchap some pvp ago at endgame with gazer (stun immune sendback on gazer) … worked well … on top of That u have a quick purify at low tu… I think that way whickerchaps potential is more used than only use one sendback on himself

my nickname is WhiteWyvern and my first monsters are scorpiogeist, tiamazus, tagosenshi and scorpionite

someone post scorpion moveset/stats please.

Here ya go. Bonus turned off to show the base TUs.

Legitimately no reason for tiamazus, flarevern, and omegasdragon to exist now. Literally none.

The old lineup was like zib, midas, TT, autopoisoner, banedragon.

Now it’s legit just this thing, TT, zib, whatever the frick you want, and then banedragon.

Toxic strike is just a better poison eater. It has same TU, same effect as it, a more lenient requirement(meaning: if it enters from reinforcements then the requirement is fulfilled), and zib bane will make sure that this is basically just gazer all over again. 89% speed all over again.

Geez this thing needs a nerf.


Yeah he snowballs fast. He’s nearly entirely stand alone is the craziest part, he doesn’t require an auto poisoner or a stun protector to kill his choice of 1-4 monsters, and also his toxic strike does more damage than poison eater as far as I can tell

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It’s incredibly powerful. It one-shots all monsters in PvE even when they’re buffed a bit.

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