Could someone post an example stun team and brief explanation on strategy.

With pics would be helpful. Thanks

I’ve got a super simple and effective one that I use, though it only works on online missions and trials. Equip your team with nothing but stun bombers(far as I know there exists 9 in the whole game- stormfox, flufferno, islandoe, seasteed, raijin, frillzerrex, gigasect, octoboss, and dreadfish. The latter two each supply an extra bomber.) and your starter(must be in one of the last 2 forms). You need a friend that shares don penguini, godfeather, gigarock or dragaia, too. Immediately stun the front line into oblivion(this will fail if there are any absorbers or stun immunes) and get as far as you can with your starter. Once it’s about to go down, summon the biter, and he can carry it the rest of the way. It’s really effective.

You can also apply types that have the passive stunning entrance or shocking entrance, such as the ones from Twigster/Leobolt.

Which stuns all enemies as soon as that monster gets summoned as a reinforcement into the fight.(the passive is worthless if it’s a starter though)

I think the final form of the legendary you see thale use in the colosseum, what was it’s name… nightmare or something? (It was a dark element horse) also has shocking entrance which is a 2-3x stronger version of stunning entrance. I haven’t gotten a good look at it.

Stun revenge can be an option, but it’s conditional, and requires the monster to die from an attack, which makes it hard to use especially if it’s also got Hold Ground for example, and then dies to poison damage…

Basically the best weapon is stun bomb and stunning/shocking entrance. You keep pushing the enemy turns back, and using a 1-2 man team to clear all the stun resistant/stun absorbers, and 1-2 more preferably with timestrike to make big hits.

This is how I’m rolling through colosseum and online missions up to chapter 4 even though I’ve been playing for only 4 days…

  1. Gearwolf(my first super epic and he has team turn! ^_^)

  2. Timestrike monster

  3. Protector Killer/Wide Clear

  4. Accelerate Team user/Wide Clear

  5. Heal All

  6. Stun Bomb

  7. Stun Bomb

  8. Timestrike monster

  9. Stunning Entrance monster

  10. Stun Bomb

  11. Timestrike monster

  12. Give Turn Monster

  13. Variable Cleanup

  14. Pegasion(2nd Super Epic)

  15. Heal All

  16. Galvboss(for last stand abuse)

Typically I try to give gearwolf his bloodcrave and heal him with #5 so he can clear as well with the time striker, the stun bomb phase for me starts after both the wide clears or first timestrike team dies. After all the stunbombs go off I’ll have 2 monsters with timestrike to clear out things usually results in a 1:2 ratio of my losses to the enemy team losses, even counting stun bomb sacrifices. Protector killer helps because a lot of the stun absorbers tend to be protectors as well, and they get in the way of timestrike. Anyways hope that was helpful. Incidentally I forgot to mention I only have 3 stun bombs at this time… if I had more… maybe could be different?

Thanks for the responses. I should already know this but never bothered to set up a team before.

Wow, that is a remarkably clever way to utilize retreat. Kudos to you.