Bastia and Orochi

Greetings, I’m new to the forum but an old player. I would like them to remove Bastia’s element attack from everyone and return the survivor, at first she had it, I never understood the reason for her nerf, it was a bit unfair, no offense. I would also like Orochi Ultra-evolution to have attack removed and Blood Effusion given, it would be more useful that way. These are suggestions, sorry if I bothered at some point, but I am really passionate about the game and would be really happy with these changes. Without further ado, thank you ZigZagames for making Neo Monsters a better game every day.

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Are you referring to: bloodcrave, bloodthirst, bloodbite, bloodlust, double bloodcrave, double bloodthirst, double bloodlust, Bloodfury, double Bloodfury, bloodcrush, bloodbath, venom bloodthirst, any of these mentioned above in raw, link, or solo versions, in the zone, or killing spree? Blood effusion could be any of these in whatever translator you be using.

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Bloods and crips


Cripcrave, cripthirst, cripbite, criplust, double cripcrave, double cripthirst, double criplust, cripfury, double cripfury, cripcrush, cripbath, venom cripthirst, any of these mentioned above in raw, link, or solo versions, in the zone, or killing spree


Crip moves insta kill any mons with blood moves, and vice-versa.

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This is actually a good idea @Dev_VKC

Welcome to the forum!

The way Bastia was on release, she was basically an instant win when she got a turn. The secret skill was the main problem, instant double repulse followed by either knockback random on a third enemy or heal+purify+shield your whole team. Given her enormous defence, HP, hold ground, no killer weaknesses and how she can be used behind a protector she was a nightmare to stop from doing this. The amount of control you got from that first turn was ridiculous and then the combination of her knockback + healing while all entrances are disabled made it easy to keep full control until the victory.

So the secret skill had to be changed. Also, the rest of the moveset was still too much so they removed her damage potential, leaving her simply as a support/disruption monster. Survivor was unnecessary and was weirdly double strength so it could one-shot despite her low attack. It made a lot of sense to focus her design as support.

Over time she’s still proven to be one of the top mythics in the game. Easily top 5 for both PvE and PvP and the support she offers tends to work really nicely with the strongest monsters out there (play a bunch of OP monsters and what do they want? A teammate who will help keep them alive and disable the opponent’s ability to make a comeback).

So it’s not too surprising that she is taking another nerf. However, it’s been discussed on the forum quite a lot that we think they went too far. They’ve reverted the hold ground change, but what I (and others) are hoping for is they replace “random knockback” 130TU with “knockback” 200TU and put a 150s restriction from start of battle on goddess’ protection. I.e. Keeping the essence of what she does, but powering down the most oppressive bits.

Your suggestion of instead re-introducing survivor is interesting. That could also work, but I think it should be normal strength rather than double strength (so it one-shots squishy things but needs two hits for everything else).


Efusión de sangre, la habilidad de Azida, la habilidad de Hu Shin, se activa detrás de tres muertes

Thanks for your cordial explication, i understand now the reason of her nerf
but please don’t nerf Bastia anymore
She is perfect

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Buenas Victorious77_B.G este foro solo admite la comunicacion por el idioma Ingles, si se te complica, podes usar un traductor, como el de Google por dar un ejemplo =)

Hi, Victorious77_B.G this forum only supports communication in English, if it gets complicated, you can use a translator, like Google’s to give an example =)

Here is your translation:

Bloodshed, Azida’s ability, Hu Shin’s ability, activates after three kills.


I’m sorry without realizing it I commented in Spanish, thanks for letting me know, I promise not to make a mistake again


No worries, I was just being sarcastic.


Blood Effusion is Bloodlust

You’re wrong he meant bloodshed, which is why he said it’s what Azida and Hu Shin have.

Esta es una buena idea para hacer mejor su segunda forma! Definitivamente lo nesesita, o algún otro movimiento de sangre,pero definitivamente este sería el más viable



Hey! What is your name in the game? @Victorious77_B.G

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I’m Victorious in the Game , yes, i’m not creative

You have shared Asmodia?

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Yess!! :3