Hey guys, i just want to say that i have FINALLY been able to time some gold eggs after a couple hours  and dollars, and was wondering if I play a random match against someone with my spider mech thingy, lava rhino, or candy cane doggy thinga majig, would that consitute a ban because i actually got them in gold eggs and dont want anyone to think that i am cheating… thank you! 

Haha NO. I have all the arks in gold eggs. You got them fair and square. Minespider is da bomb!!! Horrible pun intended

No, you won’t get banned if you play the game legitimately.

nothing to worry about as long as you got them fair and square however if you did not then yes worry lol

Thank you guys lol, i was getting a little sweaty there  :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont understand these kind of threads lol , how can u get bann if u did it legitimately ? … Why should that even be a curiosity ? … i know why :slight_smile:

Not to accuse op or anyone but I’m sure some people will try to claim that their shared save file is original by showing they bought eggs, but buying eggs and pretending that’s where the arks came from won’t fool devs.

yup, you are good as long as you didnt use iap hacker etc to cheat.