Balancion's trials reseting

Good morning fellows,
So basically I have 2 accounts, like a lot of the players, and I switch between accounts in the SAME smartphone (I had to give my other phone to my lil bro, so yha), and, I have noticed that every time that I change account, no matter the time between the change, my progress in the balancion’s trials resets. And no, I don’t get the rewards again, only xp.
I will give the example: yesterday I played the event (for the second day in a row, which means, I had already played in the day before), and I thought it was weird that I was going for the same rewards, but didn’t cared that much, then I went to my second account to farm some igridients. I switched accounts this morning (to my main), and realized that once more I had the rewards for the first day to do (it even appeared that screen with the balancion talking or whatever). So yha that’s it. I really don’t get what’s causing this, since I even wait some time to change between accounts, cuz I know I can lose some progress if a change immediately and don’t wait a bit.
Devs might wanna get that checked out, cuz even tho I don’t get the rewards, I can easily farm 5k xp × 5 in hell day. And I guess it can be done more that one time per day. Like, I think I did it twice
I obviously want to progress in the event, so I can get the rewards on my both accounts, so please devs get a look at that issue.
I will try to provide some prints after I get home from university, right now I don’t have any time to experiment some more, sorry.
Thank you, and have a nice day everyone,

Use parallel space to play multiple acc

It won’t cause the problem

I had a virtual machine simulator, vmos, and played there with no prob, so yes I might use it again, but I also wanted to expose this kind of exploit, like, for what I saw, you can literally farm 25k exp just from switching accounts.

Next time PM me this info rather than posting it publicly :smirk:

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