It is already the second day that they give me the same reward and he tells me that I have already claimed him …
@Killerdog Help my please​:massage_man:t2::massage_man:t2::massage_man:t2:

It happens to me when I use the restore code because I have more than one account on the same device

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Exactly every time you restore it will tell you that you have a reward but you will not be able to claim it more than once

If bro I just wanted to know if there is any way to fix this without having to play a single account, or if there is any way to get my rewards back

you will probably have time to claim everything

I have even stopped accessing my secondary account because of this, hopefully and have a solution

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Play on different devices

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As others have said, the game is not designed to have multiple accounts played on the same device regularly. If you’re repeatedly using your transfer code then it will lead to some issues like this