Bad RNG or bug?

I’ve been trying to ultra evolve my Coldheart for the past week or so, but I’ve done maybe 15 runs of the Pyramid dungeon and haven’t gotten a single Aquamid. Is something broken, or do I just have really bad RNG?

yeah that’s sounding like bad rng. About a 6.5% chance of going 15 without an aquamid, far from impossible. Personally I’d suggest waiting for the routine elemental dungeon event, since that one has a far better chance of giving you the specific pyramid you need.


How recently did you start? If you complete the easiest levels (Expert) of the current super challenge battle, you will be rewarded a guaranteed Aquamid.

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How recently did I start the game or how recently did I start grinding? I’m on episode 5 of the post game.
This is my team if you’re curious.

Good! Then you certainly have the means to win the super challenge battle! Have a go at it!

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Alright, I did it! Thanks!

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