Pyramid type chance?

I have done the pyramid fight probably about 20 or so times looking for a geomid. So far I have roughly gotten 8 lux, 5 water, 3 fire, 3 storm, 1 dark, and no geo yet. Maybe make it a way to trade in 2 or 3 of ones your don’t need for 1 if what you do? So frustrating waiting for 30 or 60 energy to do them only to not get the one you need. Just a thought. But why is the light one such a high drop?

Pray to RNGesus

RNGesus likes to give you pyramids that you don’t need.

happened to me too, i went there 6 times and got 5 water pyramids

My first 3 legendaries were all water, and roughly none of my first 50 pyramids after that were water pyramids. 

And then when I did get one I got like 7.

It is very annoying maybe there’s a time thing to it like the pyramids change after so many mins randomly I might have to do a few tests but I doubt there is

I hardly ever get aquamids and I go there a lot in every 20 il get one Aqua I mostly get the electric one

I have attempted at 15, 30 sec and 1 min intervals. As well as when the icons rotate. Nothing different or pattern.

My strategy is to NOT ultra evolve at least one monster for each type. Then it can more easily to get what you want.

It’s been mentioned before, the pyramid system should be random but in the following way.
Each visit to the pyramid event should be setup in such a way that after 5 picks you should have gotten one of each color.

It’s nowhere near this. The system is very “streaky” which even statistically is unlikely. I’ve gotten 5 geomids straight. Then another streak of pyromids.

This does make sense from a business standpoint. You don’t want us progressing too fast or players might go elsewhere.

Yep, I needed an aquamid, but I got 3 pyro, 3 geo, 3 aero, and 1 nox. I had to do the super challenge battle to finally get one.

5 lux 2 geo and no others. I need pyro

To me it seems to be a bit related to the friend monster you choose at the beginning. Most of the time the piramids I get are the type that is strong against the type I chose for my friend monster. So if I take an electric type to aid me, there’s more chance I get a earth piramid against me. Doesn’t work always though. But if you always got the same piramid, maybe you always took the same type of friend with you, maybe because he fits the best in your strategy?

Also in the other ingredients dungeons I had more variety by not always taking same friend with me.

I did a bit of testing and I can conclude the type of friend monster you choose does have some sort of merit to who you will get
Water - aeromid
Fire- aquamids
Electric- Geomid
The holy and shadow seem to be random still
And I have not tested to see what ground gets you but I did it a total of 4 times each and the results where always the same
Don’t take my word for it till its revealed by the admin team my testing could be purely luck or outside factors that determine the ingredients types

I still can’t find an aquamid. I tried the pyramid fight probably for 15-20 times.

friend monsters don’t affect the type, I never used any holy and shadow monsters but I keep getting noxmids, like I have more than a dozen already and I always choose Deo for a friend but no aquamids, like I literally need aquamids coz I have none of them, :3

This is old info and outdated don’t necro thread