I’ve been needing one of these for a few weeks now, been trying every day (3 - 6 times) in the pyramid dungeon but still no luck.

These needs to be more readily available if you ask me.

Isn’t there any events which hand them out as prizes? Pretty much all the new legendaries need them for evolving now yet you can barely get any.

They were available in the Super Challenge Battle level 2 fights. Did you miss out on them or what?

Do they appear in the pyramid dungeon?

I haven’t done the pyramid ones in months, but that was before he was added to the game I think. I’ve managed to accumulate three from the various challenges/events but don’t think I’ve had to use one yet.

But as above, you can often get one from the super challenges, which tend to happen every 2-3 weeks.

I must have used my last one on another legendary, it just seems so long since the last chance to get one. I hope there’s another super challenge soon.