in the bugs section you mentioned that azuraidos’s protector conversion was usable more than once. 

Instead of enacting the restriction next update, please increase the seconds to 100 and then keep it usable more than once. As it is a reliable motor stun counter. It turns the shells into stun absorbers preventing the shocker from stunning the shells.

Yes, because the opponent will gladly stand by and let Azura leisurely pick off the shells one at a time.

Yeah can we please not mess with him that much besides the link fix and making protector conversion one time use? Increasing time doesn’t help in my view, even if it’s multi use.

For the record, there are a stupid amount of ways that it can be abused in it’s current state.

It’s much better off as a one off thing, trust me. Besides motor can knock it back easily enough.

Thank you… people who want it usable more then once, dont see the power it has… ill accept though, if you give my pengs move “slayerbane all” a three time use limit.