Assisted teams

I open this topic to ask two things about assisted team.

First is there a way to use assisted fire ? I have pyroviper and volcamus but the only team turn fire mon I know is lavaronix and hard to get. 

Second what do you think of an dark assisted team. It would be nice to get a super epic mon in an event with it but no sleep all since he would be the only one, he could get stun immunity too. He could fit in a nightrider team with alpha, darkstag or even with oniblade. And other teams I can’t think of. 

Maybe the new starters will chance a lot of thing in assisted team. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

The dark type you describe sounds way too overpowered lol. if they put in an assisted Blight all monster super epic he should be the same as any of the other ones with sleep all etc. I am however just as you hoping that the new super epic starters will have “Assisted” moves which means I could replace my velocirex cause his sleep all weakness is bumming me out hehe

Maybe a little bit “overpower” but he would be a super epic not a legendary and he will be the only one to have such move for his type so a sleep weakness sounds bad.

its exactly for that reason they have “Sleep all” I think… to give Assisted line-ups some kind of weakness… I can only hope that the super epic starter has assisted thunder so it solves my issue :lol:

I trying to make a good assisted ground team but it’s hard without team turn and stun immunity give turn so I hope the ground starter could do something. :wink:

Looking for opinion, I put together an Assisted Thunder team, I have good support but Raptorex is my anchor. Is the attack points gained worth ultra-evolving him? He then would be vulnerable to sleep killer…didn’t know if anyone else was in a similar situation and could share some insight.

The easiest assisted team is a holy one. 1 assisted lux, and 4 give turners. If I were to do electric I’d have zephorox. The fire team, maybe include a stunner into a hippo to keep your assisted fire monsters alive longer.

I think water is the best option to go with if you insist to make an assisted team. I know that thunder is probably the most powerful but you have got the most choices if you go with water.

For starters, thunder only has Godfeather and Velocirex, while water has Cryokaizer, Warca, Hydrokaizer, Triceratops thingy :stuck_out_tongue: and probably even more that I forgot. The thing is that the only team turner for an assisted team is Zephyrox (also Lavaronix) and the team turners are truly the key to a successful assisted team.

I think that if we really want to balance the elements between the assisted teams there have to come some new monsters. For example:

  • A dark super epic/legendary monster with assisted blight.
  • A ground super epic monster with team turn.
  • A legendary with ‘assisted blaze all move’ instead of an attack that hits only one enemy. Like Lavaronix yes. I know we have Pyroviper but one super epic assisted blazer is not enough.

With these changes the perspective of assisted teams will probably be balanced :slight_smile:

due to the addition of lavaronix being a Legendary team turner & fire you’d imbalance fire as your favourite assisted team tho :stuck_out_tongue:

He will become vulnerable yes, but his attack will increase too. I would choose to evolve him because most of the time you have a protecter standing next to him anyway and the damage will increase.

True, assisted fire teams will become OP :wink: Maybe another assisted blazer that’s a super epic monster.

Yes I agree assisted holy is the best, but unfortunately I don’t have the required monsters for that. I did hatch Angleon today though. I gonna to figure out a way to make that work with Soul Stealer.

Assisted fire teams can already wreck house, just not as strong as thunder or water.

My old frontline before I pulled any legends was Pyrokaizer, Ouroburn, Moltagant, Clioseraph

5th: Volcamus

6th: Random Stunbomber

7th: Flamechimera (<- specifically not ultra-evolved, he is by far the hardest hitting bloodcraver. 3990 atk as 4.5 star)

8th: Emberzard

and at that point, ouroburn was usually dead. Also, I’d vouch for never evolving flamechimera until at least there is nothing else to fit in your team that is cost-restrictive. And even then it’s still questionnable, as most 4.5 blood cravers are 3700-3850 atk, while it outclasses at 4k. The ultraevo’d forms are usually around 4300-4450 range. The main argument here is that the extra HP + atk might mean you can get an extra bloodcrave in sometimes due to taking less damage, killing faster and having more bulk. But he also becomes a duck for sleep killer. I use flamechimera a lot because he doesn’t need as much protection except against knockbackers, leaving an extra slot for damage or other utility (give turners).

Now if I chose to run this team again, it’s not viable in PvP if that is your goal without lavaronix.

Pyrokazier, Ouroburn, Lavaronix, Moltagant (just to block sleep killer + sleep bomb)

5th: Blitzdragon

6th: Flamechimera

7th: Clioseraph/Serapheon

8th: Another blood craver (preferably dinoraider, snowninja is countered too often by thunder)

9th: Volcamus (At this point, Ouruburn usually dies).

Make sure you stick alphagear in there somewhere, or if you want to be a massive dck, replace moltagant with alphagear

[quote name=“Don Destroyi” post=“68547” timestamp=“1465935875”]

He will become vulnerable yes, but his attack will increase too. I would choose to evolve him because most of the time you have a protecter standing next to him anyway and the damage will increase.

Thanks for the input, I was worried since he wasn’t a legendary it wouldn’t be significant enough to warrant the cost increase to my team plus ingredients.

Energy is the best and that’s because it has the best options as a team with the right set up you can hit 4-5x even if they have a legendary twin killer on the field, water has more options but it’s far more weakness and less power, holy has some great options but only 1 monster learns the assit move and it normally needs aegis to run which is not a regular legendary

The difference between a good assisted team and an amazing assisted team is literally just zephyros.
I guarantee if there was a water team turner then water would be he best one, same goes for holy.
Zephyros is just stupidly powerful in that team.

But your forgetting one godfeather hits harder then any water or holy monster the energy assists have stun immune and hold ground and with the right team set up you can pull off 3 to 4 assit even against night night teams or teams running both legedary twin killers
Water needs another assit monster that hits harder then warca and a team turner and holy needs the same fire needs two strong assit monsters as it has none oro is a Single assit user
The only thing good about water is that you have more assit monsters but they are all weak to sleep killer and are slow and holy has aegis that’s it
But at the end of the day it’s power all depends on the user

I scrapped my water assisted lineup as I kept running into lightning assisted lineups

I agree, thunder is the best choice possible because of the monsters you can build around it. If there will be a water team turner I doubt if thunder will still be the best choice, even when Godfeather is the best assister of the game.

It would be the best choice still as water would always get wrecked by lightning and the assisted nova doesn’t have many monsters to use, warca’s attack is like 8 levels lower than godfeather but he has nice defence. Lochi took out 5-6 of my monsters before I took one of his out.