Tower event teams

For the easy rounds assisted water, because it’s fast (and I still don’t have zephhyros ;_;


For the later rounds I’m using my main team,

For the very hard rounds I’ll probably go back to rexo abuse again. We’ll see. 

Il probably use a badly made water team it’s fast and just spam assited waves then when assited wave stops working il use my main team until poison stops working il switch timiaz with alphagear and when that stops il use the nebelronix duplicate team

Yeah same as Lochi - water assisted teams are the way to go in the earlier rounds

Even tempted to run a Dragaia with 3 stun bombers with accelerate team and just last bite my way to lvl 100 

The team lusolas plans to use for the tower until it gets harder stun last biter I would do the same if had a last biter

Where do you get number three, and the fox?

Number 3 is in the cursed island in the snowy area at teh very top

Stormfox should be around there too

I had plans of using something like this for a starting line, but cryogolem is bugged until next update and his fury mode doesn’t activate until he is hit.

My crappily made team is dominating hahaha

I remember you said you got both last biters when you tested the strategies of egg rolling…

No I said I was aiming for them but never got them I eventually gave up

But if you want to nitpick everything I say that’s ok but remember all my predictions have come true so far my obscene rolling method worked for others it was just observation plus I was able to find a few of the alternative forums and brought everyone lusolas team

It sucks that they don’t have potion rewards I’m just going to grab the event monster and leave

Turns out assisted nova is super fast. As in 17 floors in about 30 mins fast. Front 4 of sanctillion, aegisdragon, celestoise and clioseraph, 5th is serapheon. So far not used anything after serapheon

This is getting ridiculous I have not gotten a new monster for a very long time

Every floor is easy till 100 plus no good prizes no potions why bother with the tower

Yo. I want my teeny crown bro. Don’t much care for the monster but I’m aiming for top 50 anyway.

Do you know if we can jump to higher floor levels or you have to go one by one in the new tower event?

One by one

I might have missed the first day, but should be able to get to top50 for the crown, thats the aim.

A bit dissapointed in lack of potions tbh

You have to go one by one.