Armageddon 2 Tournament

Hello everyone

I am excited to announce the second Clan vs Clan “Armageddon” tournament. Back after over 2 years!

The aims of this tournament

  • To be inclusive, keeping as many players involved for as long as possible.
  • To bring together players of opposing clans and keep the community interaction positive.
  • To have a damn good time.
  • To bring back Dracarys :joy:

Clans are invited to participate by putting forward 7 of their players to enter. Those 7 players will be randomly separated into groups, where they will be placed with one member from each other competing clan. 7 groups total. If a clan is one player short, special arrangements may be made.

Each player will play the other players in their group 3 times. There are no special rules to the matches.

Points and Winnings

All points you earn are put towards the grand total for your clan.

  • You will receive 3 points for each battle you win.
  • Winning all 3 battles against your opponent wins the full 9 points, plus an additional bonus point = 10
  • You receive 1 point if you draw and 0 for a loss.
  • At the end of the tournament the players in 1st and 2nd place on their group receive an additional point for their clan.
  • The clan with the biggest grand total of points at the end of the tournament will be declared the winners.

Each of the 7 players who entered on behalf of the winning clan will receive 5 gems. The runner up clan will receive 3 gems. :gem: (This has been agreed with the devs).

Once the tournament begins, each player has 4 weeks to complete all of their matches. Any matches not completed by the deadline will be forfeited, including any points that may have been won.

The start date for the tournament will be 1st November, after the anniversary event. The end date will be 31st November.

The random group seedings will be done just before. Account sharing between players is not allowed. Matches should be recorded.

I will be in touch with clan leaders/ a representative from each.

More info to follow, but I thought it would be fun to get the ball roll and let everyone know.

Thanks everyone!


Any special rule against account sharing?
I am not happy for anyone outside DMG to use DMG Daniel’s account.


Excellent point. I don’t think there should not be any account sharing. Otherwise clans could potentially all use the same account. All matches should be recorded to help mitigate this. I also trust the integrity of the clans and their players, leaders (if appropriate) and representatives for the tournament. There is a difference between something that is sold/ given away to something that is shared.


U just made me come back to the land of the living


Wasn’t Daniel’s “given” to Loki though even though he’s in GTO which Lemon doesn’t mind. It’s not like 8 people used that account or did they?


Check the aims of the tournament again :joy:

Good to see you buddy. Glad you’re back :partying_face:

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Nope Daniel has given the account to be taken care at Loki and Death Lord.
Daniel will eventually come back one day.
The account is still Daniel’s property.


and DMG👌

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You wouldn’t have this problem if Daniel never shared his account in the first place :woozy_face:

Tell me I’m wrong :joy:


Yeah but account sharing is a general rule, is just that Daniel’s account is the strongest account around among shared ones.

Would you be cool if I played in the tournament but used @squinty1880 ’s account?


is it ok if i use my only existing account which is and always has been my own? :thinking:

Let’s get hyped!!! :partying_face: :lemon:

This tournament lasts forever!!


Btw this was the tournament last time and its results. Might help for a bit of context if the rules above aren’t clear. Only difference this time is no special rules for any of the three battles.

Yeah it does. Last time it was difficult for players to organise matches on time. I don’t have the time to chase people up, so I decided against a week by week approach this time. No excuses. Play your matches or lose the points. Nice and simple :blush:

Just use your own account and stop trying to instigate


I have been a solo player since my beginning, I have never been part of clans, if someone wants my help in their group, I will be here. I would really like to participate in this tournament, I have never participated in any

I was poking fun because 31st November does not exist :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds interesting but how matchmaking works

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The date will not change :rofl:

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