Clan tournament

Can some please start a clan tournament and invite the diffrent clans to play , am super disorganized to do it lol.


I will be hosting this tornament with

quick question what are usually clan admission rules ? sry if im asking in this thread


No problem
But you gotta ask a clan person for there information to join there clan

k thx

U can find more on clans in the pinned clan therad


@RIOK Check the Armageddon Tournament for the previous clan vs clan tournament

Ok thanks

I will do it …

Those who want to participate: Reply this message with your Nick and top rank


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I have contact with more than 7 leading clans and many of their players … The problem is that they are Latinos and use “Wssp” and here in the forum I see that there are many Europeans … So many Latinos will not join the forum here to play the tournament … and many Europeans I have read that they do not want to use their whatsapp to play

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Bro I am already holding a clan v clan tornament

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