Armageddon 2 Tournament

Using the dual PvP code system


I was looking that, sad KLF dropped out,they would win for sure

You sure about that? Mr X was 0-3 for his first games lol

Lol indeed. They dropped out because things weren’t going their way.


As Lemon said. They came together specifically to win the tournament and they didn’t do well at the beginning so decided to quit. It was a pretty sad example of how PvP and competitive play can be… definitely not what Armageddon is meant to be about. I hope everyone has fun this time and sees it as a great opportunity to have fun and make memories. Winning with a random team is far better than being a try hard and getting very bitter when you don’t win.


Lol should I name myself KLF Mr LoKi?

Have you invited DLGZ? :skull_and_crossbones:

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I did last time :joy:

Lmao @Laxus @DLGZ-L

I’m pretty sure I goaded laxus into getting himself perm banned :skull:

@Laxus we miss u

@Laxus share some anniv spoilers :joy:

Please stop tagging Laxus. He hasn’t come to the forum for 3 months and has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.

In my mind, all you’re doing is showing how toxic PvP and clans can be in a community. Once again, I don’t think Lemon wants this tournament to be anything like that. It’s meant to be a friendly competition that’s on a huge scale where loads can participate.

Hey, the guy was a cheater who led a clan full of a bunch of other cheaters.

He was funny too



Welcome back @Unown what caused you to return?

Just checking in here, not much has changed seems like

You should’ve seen Loki’s meltdown yesterday that is now in the basement.