Are "online" and "The Bazaar" available?


I have been playing for quite a while(Finished the story mode tournament yesterday). However, I wonder why the blue button “Online” on the bottom left, and the Bazaar are not open! What I mean is:

-For the bazaar, it says it is not open.

-As for “Online” button, it tells me I need to check my connection.

I am certain that my wifi is strong enough to handle online events, so what is wrong here?

Thank you everyone in advance!

You are playing a really, really, really old game.

All the players of this game have moved to the far better neo monsters(far better being my opinion of course)

OH my. 

Ummmm, What about the wiki page for the Hunter Island Arkadions’ list?

Should I continue adding data to it? 0_0

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me.

Ive never run into this issue before. Very bazaar