Arborgias is weak to Sleep killer.

So basically title. Was using it in IC and it was constantly getting Sleep Killed despite no longer having a sleep move.

Iff is moveset wasn’t bad enough he is still tk food :joy::joy::joy: refund this pour soul Devs

Yeah it’s listed in the issues page devs said they’re fixing it next update

Actually, in PvP it glows when it’s a monsters turn who has Sleep Killer, but if you use sleep killer on it, it doesn’t inflict critical damage

In PvP it’s been fixed because PvP uses a different server that can be altered without needing to update the game. However, in PvE it is weak to sleep killer and the sparkling skills are done from the offline game so it sparkles incorrectly in PvP (just like it’s not sparkling for chrono killer against Sakuralisk).