Entrance stum sleep

Hello to all the Neo players, During the time that I have been playing Neomonsters during the pvp it has happened to me that a monsters with Stum and dreamy entrance enter and my nulltron or valcerein are poisoned and even so they sleep until the next turn even being poisoned , that is a lame that mortifies enough and breaks the rules of the same game, because if there is poison you can not be slept and have favors and due to these errors are determined, please fix this for the next update, do not allow this to continue happening , thank you all and sorry for the occasional mischief

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@TNCGodZeus You have a point, you shouldn’t be able to sleep poisoned monsters.

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exactly, according to the rules of the game that is not possible

Its a bug

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This has been happening since start . We are all used to it . Maybe u should get used to it too

Or the Developers could just fix it.


I’m pretty sure it says you can’t sleep poisoned monsters to be clearer to newer players. For example, in Evertale you can put a poisoned monster to sleep because you can override the poison status with a new one.

In Neo you can still sleep poisoned monsters but they’ll get woken up by the next hit of damage from poison. They should probably change the wording to make it more accurate.


Personally, I’d keep this. I don’t think this is a bug, rather a wanted consequence of the way poison is coded, which puts the poison tick damage immediately after an action is taken.
If poison tick activated just before action, this problem would not happen, but then poison would completely destroy Overwatch strats and that’d be unwise.

The only possible way to fix it I see is having the poison status grant the “Sleep Immunity” effect to monsters affected by it.



The rules are clear if there is poison, there is no dream, so during the state of poisoning it should give immunity to sleep, because if it does not destabilize various rules of the game, this must be fixed as quickly as possible, believe me for this you lose a fight that was already won

you have to fight to fix the errors so that Neomonsters is a fair and dynamic game, not get used to the errors they have to be extimulated to enjoy a greater experience

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Thank you for bringing this to us.
We will be looking into it, to make the situation more intuitive.

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Please don’t just change the wording like Killerdog suggested but change the flawed design. Changing the wordimg is a cop out for horrible/buggy mechanics

Changing wording does not make the situation more intuitive.

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Great to hear that. Hopefully this won’t happen again:

This time it hit meatoid…

(Please report new bugs here!):


Woah dint know u had a pengunator

I don’t always use that cheap mon. Screenshot from last season or the one before.

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