Poison Sleep Bug in PVP


i saw that a mon of mine was set to sleep, it got hit by poison gas, got damaged but didnt wake up?

just happens in pvp but more than once

Yeah sometimes there is like a one turn delay which is weird. I have had it wear my monster is asleep but is next in line after my current monster which was blitzdragon. I stepped back with blitzdragon to bring IN bane dragon which poisons all monsters on entrance so my monster that was next in line should of woke instantly but it went to back of lineup then was woken

I’ve had a glitch with sleep where my mon has about 1-5 TU and it gets put to sleep and it can still attack. It’s really weird but I’ve had this glitch as well in pvp and I lost because of it ;-;

Yea I’ve seen this too. My shinobidragon came in and put a unpoisoned armavolt to sleep and it was the only purifier, but it purified itself anyway