Arachnodrake spotted in UC!

Scary artwork. Not sure on the damage of toxic thirst. It can set up critical moves fairly nicely, seems like a decent sweeper but nothing too crazy.

The main thing is keeping it stealthed so it can have piercing. To begin with the enemy team will probably be stealthed so you can use stealthbane to kill them off at 100TU, great with piercing.

Bear in mind the defence is nothing special and it has no immunities, just the ability to put stealth on itself at good speed.

Toxic thirst… what the…

I’m pretty sure it is very weak. It’s basically poison drain. If Arachnodrake is stealthed then maybe it will do high damage.

Badass artwork right there; what amuses me is that fact that its Secret Skill has two conditions (LINK and RAW). Not the greatest mythic out there as Don Rilla and Harleking exist, but it’s pretty solid.

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Uh oh… I see a way to remove poison from others but not himself. Can be shut down just like tenebris or FD daffodil, requires purifiers on top of all the other ways you’ll have to accommodate him(no protectors, link, cutting down on multi target attacks). The impression I’m getting is that of a more expensive, higher maintenance Zhulong :confused:

I love the artwork alot. The first form looks like a fusion of naturgoul and dragulus :sweat_smile:
But IMO the moveset is a bit underwhelming for a mythic


You need to build around it to make it function properly :sweat:

Indeed what a shame. A monster that requires thinking to make it work? It’s 2019 come on :wink:

I feel like it’s simply too much setup tbh. Let’s compare him to zhulong real quick:
Advantages of arach:

  • can clear poison off of allies and enemies
  • has a backup offensive option in stealthbane
  • sets himself up for sneak attack and stealthbane on entrance
  • can pierce

Advantages of zhu:

  • poison immune, so doesn’t need purification at all
  • stealth move may have higher TU but it’s for the whole team rather than just himself
  • less strict SS
  • slightly cheaper
  • can pair with tenebris while maintaining link
  • can birth a protector for on demand stun protection, deadweight clearing or purifying
  • has an assisted aoe
  • has hold ground, which pairs wonderfully with poison immune

So yeah… one of these does not feel like a mythic to me lol


Look on the flipside; given how middle of the road it is, it could very well be added to the Special/Rare egg.

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I’d rather that not happen because it’d further dilute the chance at something else better

I like the artwork, but the moveset is weird.

I think a lot of the time you can just ignore the secret skill, that makes him a lot less restrictive. Then he works in any raw team as a piercing sweeper. He can set up stealthbane for others on entry and purifying mist from a teammate covers his poison weakness nicely.

I think quite a lot of it hinges on the power of toxic thirst while he is stealthed. There could be some combo potential there, otherwise he is a three move monster which can be shut down like other stealth monsters. 50TU stealth is not bad at all, but still not ideal if you have to keep using it.

Funny how they gave it sneak attack all when it’s entrance passive gives stealth to enemies too .

Edit : stealth bane all would have been so much mythic-fun if atleast one enemy is in stealth .

I think the SS is not restricted enough. Why not Link Raw Pair Parasitic Exhausting Reckless Sneak Attack All?


make it single not all and i’m in

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That sounds like a nightmare to program lol

I think everyone is being waaaaay too harsh on this guy. It looks like a beast. It stealth’s everything and that is something the enemy monsters cannot remove from themselves inless they’ve have poison. It can start one shotting everything from the word go just with stealthbane! Not to mention it might get to be piercing. If it’s quick enough.

Think of the value in a sleep team. Sleeps worst nightmare Bane comes in, toxic thirst removes poison, and even if it’s Low damaging, sleep can go to work. I’ve used Valza before sleepers for a long time and this does it on a larger scale.

42 TU is low enough that it can turn twice too. Also the recent buff to stealth helps.

Just turn the SS off.

I love it

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42TU is very hard to shut down, it can definitely reliably sweep. It’s piercing sweeping too which is no joke and reasonable TU. It’s a decent enough sweeper and has some combo potential with the entrance. If it was a legendary I’m sure people would like the look of it, for a mythic it’s a bit less flashy.

Toxic thirst is the biggest question mark.

Granted, I suppose Zhulong is a little bit more reliant on link than arach… it’s just that if you want arach for general use you have to forget about the SS. And he still has to be run without protectors anyway in order to reliably keep his stealth up. And since he can’t be protected, he’s wide open to be brought down by any single target attack(including stealthbane)