Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as I thought…only downside is it’s really slow REALLY SLOW and prone to sleep killer.

It’s double dream hunt can be used without both enemies asleep. And even if one enemy is asleep, it deals crit damages. 

Lets say shadowhunter does 31k in damage for it’s dream hunt.

For Metatherion:

1 enemy asleep, 1 enemy awake = 15k per enemy

2 enemies asleep = 31k each

I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case since I havent ultraevolved my metatherion yet. 

BUT I know in PVP, 1 enemy asleep, 1 enemy awake allowed me to wipe out both monsters.

To be honest, this one have same defense with lavaronix
And pretty tanky

Yeah surprisingly… I was so upset when I got it out of the egg today. 

im sharing Metatherion if anyone wants to try it out. Give me your friend code and I’ll add you.

He is good now, he does not need any changes, otherwise it would be too much

Gotcha! Thanks guys! XD

I got him too in the festival.  I haven’t evolved him yet because I don’t have a Crown, but his double dreamhunt is very powerful even in unevolved form.  He essentially kills both monsters as long as one is asleep.

Much better than Banedragon, whose Double Poison Eater does much less damage to an unpoisoned monster even if one of the targets is poisoned.

Important thing to note is he survives sleep killer from everything except shadowyrm.

WOAH! that is awesome. Not that you mentioned it, it is pretty tanky with high defense.

meta is a beast

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Yup. I use it with shadow hunter. If I had gold tail to make a team of shadow hunter, gold tail, meta. Id be the happiest person alive. I gladly sacrifice 3/4 of my team to 100% sleep grenade.

friend request sent. :slight_smile:

I have him but not sure if i should ultra evolve or not. Is the pull back worth it? if so how do you use it?

I ultraevolved him. I use pull back as a way to summon two more rockoids. Additionally, I’ve used it to escape temporarily (if there is a sleep killer coming next or if it was poisoned and will get poison eaten.)

Without the defense buff from evo, he will not survive a sleep killer.

I love him! His skills are good, & pull back is tactically very strong

That’s what I’ve been doing for a while actually in lower tier PvP when I saw Emeras pop up. Basically a 3v4 matchup for a while. If you can get it going, it’s really hard for them to stop you.

And that strategy does not wake emeraldus?

No as it is a double attack so doesn’t register on emeraldeus. If emeraldeus is asleep and you aoe then it won’t wake him

If you do the same thing to doomengine when he is sleeping but still shielded, he wakes up but suffers no damage. And I’m not sure the same thing would happen for a random monster who was in stealth mode.