Anyway I can get my Galvbane to consume my +0 wolfrozen rather than my +9 one?

Yes I know, I stuffed up and gave it epic potions to early. I’m now worried that the game will select the wrong wolfrozen when evolving my Galvbane.

I’ve got two wolfrozens. Any way I can make sure the computer selects the right one for ingredients? I really don’t want my +9 one to get eaten. I got a feeling I can’t do anything…

It will use the +0 one automatically.

For real? So the Devs actually thought about this? Awesome, Thanks!

Lol why you worried about wolf anyway. He’s the worst monster in the game

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I think he is underrated. Lol more useful than my doomengine in PvP! His Slayer bane one shots a fair few monsters. Not bad TU on it as well.



Not even in the top 4 best guardians. He’s number 5 after the 4* versions :joy:

Haha you guys have it totally wrong. Wolf is a brilliant 5* monster. He survives brilliantly, does great damage with slayerbane and can easily get kills with energy burst.

He was the worst before they did an overhaul of his design. Don’t let the past make you bias :wink:

P.S. On the topic of this thread… any monster being used as an ingredient will automatically be the lowest +X version of the monster. The monster selected to be evolved will automatically be the highest +X version.


Wouldn’t be so fast to judge it it does better then most ingame monsters and is pretty solid for a beginner

Also I would rank Kong as the best of the starters only one that got nerfed 2x

Still Kong as the best? I really can’t see him as useful in PvE…

For PvP it’s pretty useful yeah, it can counter some things in the front line. Still, high TU moves and lack of any defensive passives makes it bad in top tier PvP outside of the front line.

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Kong is way better in Pvp then galv

Kong sheer power is enough to do serious damage in higher Pvp everyone has some form of stun counter so galv won’t do much for pve I woukd put galv as the better one though.

And also for the record I’ve seen many monsters survive wolfs attacks. Even a fire legend in pvp once. (Can’t remember what it was but I was not happy).

I think viri is the worst one now tbh. With retribution and desparate bite he does nice damage and can counter a momentum of the enemy team well (stun revenge as well for that), but he is so situational. If youre in the controlling side atm he just sit there with nothing to do.

However he is the best choice to take talo place after the DR nerf, so he is still usefull somehow

Yea I’d use him for backstab mostly. At least he can accelerate the team before being discarded.
The high speed is what makes the guardians good. What makes wolf so bad (other than terrible damage) is he doesn’t benefit from the speed like the others


Nope, wrong. When was the last time u actually used him? :yum:

Like I said he is underrated. The problem with you guys is you have to many strong monsters and you haven’t given wolf s fair go in a long time:)

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Agree viri is the worst

Regardless of what everyone says @Saitama you must have a Galvbane

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