Help regarding ultra starters


Hello everyone,
I am willing to Ultra evolve my Wolfrozen. But I have multiple Galvbosses and one of them is +6 atm. Now, since it’s not possible to select which one to get consumed, I’m worried if my +6 Boss will get consumed or not? I mean is it entirely dependent on luck?
Thanks in advance guys.


From what I recall, the Galvboss with the least amount of potions used on it is the one that gets used up to evolve your Wolfrozen. So your +6 Galvboss should be safe.


Ah great. Thanks a bunch.


Do you have galvbane and rexkong yet? You shouldnt evolve wolf until you have those other 2 first.


No I don’t. I’ll evolve Galvboss once he’s +9 since epic potions are comparatively easier to get than SE ones. I’m willing to evolve others now for my Chronozar food.


Dude wolf is by far the worst 5*. Do all of the others except him unless it’s for chonox


Yeah man it’s for chronox. Also I’m thinking to ultra evolve the other three one by one after I manage to get them to +9. Would take a lot of time I know sadly.


What I did was get 2 of each. 1 of them had a bonus and the other didn’t so I could have bonuses starters when I got chronozeros


Dude, asking another dumb question. Like you already know, I plan on getting the starters I’d use in my main team to +9 at their epic forms till I evolve them into SE. But I’d need SE forms as well for Chronozeros. So I’m thinking to evolve my 0 bonus Galvboss now to Galvbane and use him till I get my main Galvboss, who is at +6 atm, to +9. So, when in Ultra evolve tab, how can I make sure that I evolve my 0 bonus Galvboss now instead of the +6 one? Hope I could explain correctly what I wanted to ask.


Yes it uses the lowest bonus