Annoying endless loops

The most annoying thing about PvE Battles are endless loops. One of the main causes of such loops is Staticsphere, which does nothing but keep charging itself. Couldn‘t you change it so that it has to discharge at least after the third charge?


It seems to be a problem with the AI behaviour in the end of matches. They just start doing crazy stuff and don’t even want to finish the match.

Maybe devs secretly implemented a masterMarco bm AI in the last patch? 🤌🤌




No it’s specifically Staticsphere. It won’t attack monsters with death revenge with its energy burst. There are a few other monsters which are more likely to choose other moves when they face death revenge too, but Staticsphere is the one that stands out as literally never attacking it.


Thx for the information.

I reported about Mechangel in the bugs thread. It kept spamming switch enemy when it was the last monster in the enemy team, during Balancion. It had survivor charged for sure but still it just did switch enemy all the time. I’ve also seen Wraithhost backbite itself or some other weird behaviour specifically at the end of a match.

Deus X is another one for sure. That’s come up since they made switch enemy unlimited use. They probably coded it to prioritise the move over survivor a bit too much.

As for backbite, I’ve already let the Devs know about it. The monster will backbite teammates that are on low HP, especially if the monster with backbite needs healing. However, they will also target themselves if they are on low HP. Seems like bad coding where the monster is looking at “all teammates” rather than “all other teammates” to kill off with backbite.

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The same happens to Moku, using Lose One on itself.

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Sometimes Loops can be fun though!

today i managed to beat gatekeeper 300 because the white titans are programmed to target protectors with true hit. hence this gruelling yet satisfying end to the match!

ok. its backwards. but i can seem to get them in the correct order so meh.