PVP Sucks

PVP has really become a boring, reptetive grind. Facing same teams over and over, experiencing random stun bugs, and over all feels like there is no strategy involved anymore. People quite after you take out their frontline or they fail to stun/sleeplock you, and do not even bother to finish a match.

I’ve noticed they changed something with poison ticks. I’ve seen tanks on hg and poisoned survive 2 or more times without a poison tick for 1 damage. Same for raizen and a 1 hp reincarned mecha that got poisoned.

Yea i noticed that too
If thats on purpose that i would like to say its pretty anoyying and unreliable. Would like it to be changed back/ fixed

I also experienced that when the whole fl dies After DSA, and bane enters together with bitterbeast, bitterbeast wont be poisoned, was quite annoying because he was able to use overwatch and Chronozeros was Killed After Timestrike all :frowning: it happens quite often that Not the whole entering Monsters are poisoned

Because your bane is in slot 5, not slot 8

I dont have bane… bitterbeast was on the right side and bane one the 3. slot from the right side… and the monsters enters all at the same time… normally all enemys are poisoned and all my monsters re poisoned… idk why bitterbeast werent poisoned… experiences it 2x… i kept him in mind becausw his desperate bite really sucks after timestrike all an activated overwatch

Not necessarily, it depends on placement, if lets say 3 of the fl monsters died at the same time and the order of monsters coming from 5th to 8th are like this, blitz, bane, then choco, so blitz will be poisoned since it entered before bane but choco wont be poisoned since its position is after bane.

Actually, monsters don’t all come in at the same time.

It works like this:
Monster #5 enters and has his effect go off
Monster #6 enters and has his effect go off
Monster #7 enters and has his effect go off
Monster #8 enters and has his effect go off.

So what toxic entrance thinks is that there are no other monsters on the field, as they all died. So bane only poisons himself.

Having if work differently would be convenient for a bane team, but a lot of interactions are based off this order.

Works the same for toxic presence as well.

It’s not a bug.

Totally unrelated, but what is RAF?

Yeah but the othee 2 were poisoned… even the one which entered after bane … and this one was not bitterbeast… bane was not on slot 8 … a screenshot would be helpfull… but misses it, at first i thought that it wasnt shown as poisoned but in reality it was… but after his move overwatch this could not be

Ok go report it to the devs.