Thank you Devs for the 2x deal and other things!

Thanks Devs for the 2x Gem deal!!! Much appreciated and hopefully it proves lucrative for you as well.

And thank you for a hilarious and really creative story for a new event.

Looking forward to the anniversary!


Agreed; this event has arguably the best story in the game.

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Don’t get to positive. We need you to keep complaining about the no guaranteed legend until they do it.:joy:

It’s nice to be positive sometimes, give credit when it’s due.


I bought the 92 gems and got 3 legendaries (one of them being the festured legendary, the moji summonig legendary) and the featured SE. Im so happy.

Also make sure to ignore the tagosenshi fedtival egg. That one gave me nothing. This one:

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD please tell the marketing guys: as a free to play, even I bought gems and had a positive outcome. (Got one featured legendary and a featured SE) .

Also, make sure kiss each other on the cheeks as if I was kissing because this week I had the best vibes from you guys ever since I got my account back. Thank you again.

Edit: for some reason I didn’t mention this, I actually got 3 legendaries but since 2 of them were unlimited ones I didn’t mention them. all of them were new for me.

I also got the moji summoning and i hate to rune your vibe but hes bad.

I got 2 mythics (Water dragon-Green protector) and motor and i barely feel good about these rolls.

As for mythics i dont plan on awaking any of these two and moji summoning is terribly bad only good thing i pulled off was motor.

Well I don’t think it is bad but I will yet to test. Also, motor was probably your best/okey pull. Especially since in your rank, everyone is running ducy and harleking.

Moji in 2nd form isn’t too bad as a low cost form of an instant heal or purify most. But don’t ultra it.

Unfortunately, this is the moji summoner that we were talking about. image

Oh I thought you meant mojinator lol. That technically summons a moji too.

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Trust me if I got him, I would be over the moon. Mojinator is definitely good for you to make sure your shocking entrance comes into a safe spot. Anyways, don’t let me derail off this thankful thread to devs. :flushed::see_no_evil:

I would like to thank Devs or marketing team as well. Finally they heard us and made a surprisingly early and unexoected move towards us. I am really hyped for anniversary now


Kd wont budge tho, that doge is stubborn :new_moon_with_face:

Hes backing up the truck and just not telling us.

I’m sad there is no icon for Focalforce :frowning: @Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD


It was a joke. . .

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Speaking of Icons, can I have a Garcia icon? @Dev_VKC

F2P all the way! :smiley: I plan to open a couple of packs in the second half of this festival egg with my FREE gems. Awesome to see a 2x gem deal for the rest of you though. Not sure what’s the best marketing strategy for the company but I know the community here are happy for its comeback.

I would love to see this too! The artwork is brilliant and the monster icon in the game looks great.