Animation Improvement

hello greetings to all I create this thread to suggest changes in the game format
Specifically in terms of the animation of the combats, that is to say, it is true that the current combat system is not bad at all, but I think it deserves an improvement. The game has become obsolete almost 8 years after its creation. I think it deserves a big upgrade. to how much design of the battles.
I’m not talking about the 4x4 system, the reinforcements and I mean the animation, the battle system is perfect
I know many will say but the game would need a huge database but believe me if it can be done it would be something totally new and fresh something many players have been playing this great game for years. it would deserve, it would even be much more attractive for the market.
This has been a great game, I propose it so that it doesn’t become obsolete because speaking clearly for those of us who have been playing it for years, it already bores us a bit and there are other much more entertaining games, please don’t let it die

I only say my point of view
If you have other suggestions I read them in the comments Thank you

I think this game is way too complex to attract and keep a huge playerbase, that’s why the circle of loyal players is small.


I know this doesn’t really fit as a respond to this thread but I’m gonna add it anyway:

What I have always wanted is unbeatable events, even for 7 year veterans. This would give the game a “fresh” feeling like we had when beginning the game, something to strive for after improving your skills and acquiring new monsters, or just managed to evolve something so you can continue on story mode, maybe beat tower next time around and so on. Right now, I just see events as something I’m 100% going to complete and x amount of gems I’m going to get. There’s no challenge anymore which played a huge role of why I initially quit 1.5 year ago, only reason I came back was because I missed some of the players.

Introducing bond was a nice touch for a “long term” goal, but me being a nerd I have already got all super epics I own (229) to level 80. This took me 1.5 month of constant grind and I actually enjoyed doing this even though 90% of the grind was on auto play, but that end goal was what I strived for. I just hope they make legendary bond worth it, because as it stands now, I have done none of them at all and not going to do any of them at all unless there’s a “real” reward to go for. But that’s just the long term grind, give us an unbeatable event.


I think a simple yet effective change can be done in the attack animations department. And by that I don’t mean something that affect monsters’ sprites, just better physical/elemental effects for every move.

I already made a post about it in the past, but I feel like making the attacks more eye-candy would be something really cool.

I scribbled these three little shits in about 30-40 minutes, I’m sure so many cooler things are possible

The+%2B The+S


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exact brother I even remember that the animations in evertale improved them and the neo is by far an older game the truth is I don’t know why not and this topic has been debated a lot among other things that would be interesting for the game not only to launch pure half-naked girls

I doubt there is much that is “pure” about them ngl.

Have you ever played any of the 2D Pokémon games @K1NG

If Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon company couldn’t (or maybe wouldn’t) do it, there’s no way VKC can program all that by himself :joy:

I have no doubts but I have no proof either :smiling_face_with_tear:

that’s why we need animations for attacks instead.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a psychic supreme lifeform, a fat ghost or a tiny goblin with diamond eyes: if you’re gonna use Shadow Ball, you’re gonna do your default attack animation and then sh*t a ball of darkness out of you

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