AI In Biweekly is whack

Astro just kept using load mortar then stun mortar, went on for about 10 minutes only stopped because I closed the game, There was nothing I could do about it, could you maybe not use astro for these battles or at least not make him the last monster after 3 others use summon swarm that’s hella rockoid protection for him​:roll_eyes: by, the time I got through all the rockoid only he was left, I tried hitting him but the rocks always blocked so that was cool I guess :rofl:


Ngl I would’ve done the same thing as the ai if I were in that position in a pvp match.

If that happened in pvp :expressionless:

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hmm maybe I could try to make a team designed to do this. :thinking:
I’d have to kill off all the monsters except for one which would have to not be stun immune then use moku to kill off the rest of my monsters except for astrogolem.

Moku was in the biweekly team that did this, kept using lose one and gain one then mojiha or whatever it’s called lol

My main issue was the 15 Rockies that others in the team summoned they kept blocking so I couldn’t hit astro

I mean he’s not gonna use fastbreaker soo guess that’s all the ai can think up lol

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This game and community is so whacky nowadays that even AI started BM …pity lol


I’m pretty sure it was @NMEGaryOak who became the hackerman and somehow connected to your biweekly just to BM you with Astrogolem…

Jk, definitely some issue with the AI behaviour of Astrogolem, needs to be reviewed by devs


That’s what I assumed

Yes but the balance between load and stun need to be reviewed.
Classic example: Celeshine has short stun that stuns for 15 sec but the move cost 30 TU, it means that at a certain point your opponent will get turn unless you faststrike him.

The AI is brutal!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will update its AI in the next update.


Thanks :sweat_smile: