AI Improvements

Since an update is on the horizon, I figure this would be a good time to address some of the ai’s worst shortcomings. I’ll list all the ones I can think of, if anyone else can contribute, please do.

Abyssraider- Strong tendency to Gigasplash at the time when the team needs gas the most. You also might also want to adjust the priority on Accelerate Team, which also seriously gets in the way of poison gas.

Archseraph/Atlanteon/Thordragon- “Hmm? my whole team is asleep? 2 mortally wounded allies in need of healing? Nah, I’m just gonna sit here and get my ninja on.”

Aurodragon/Bitterbeast- Still randomly flipping allies into red for no reason.

Balancion- Simply refuses to pure cure.

Blitzdragon- Simply refuses to purify.

Celestrion/Cybereon/Nightlord- “Sendback? What’s that?”

Chimeraxus(and other SE throwers)- If they can’t Timestrike, they just start throwing, even though there aren’t any rocks in the back. Though tbh I’d be fine with you not fixing this one :smiley:

Chronotitan/Viridizardon(and the DDs)- Tends to use Survivor even though they’re at 1 hp. And the DDs still use it even if the whole team is asleep. Priorities, dude.

Cyclozar- Exits the field even when there’s still plenty of targets.

Djinzar- Rarely follows through with the wish plan, just uses Bloodcrave even though he hasn’t killed anything.

Flarvern/Omegasdragon/Tiamazus- Sometimes spams poison touch instead of eater.

Goldtail/Stormloch/Shadowhunter- They just don’t use sleep power to their full advantage, just making a beeline for Dreamhunt every chance they get. Make it so they only use Dreamhunt if they can’t sleep anything that isn’t already asleep.

Kamiwyrm/Shadowyrm(and other TKs)- Often tries to use Sleep killer even though there’s a tank in the way. Many other single attacking monsters do this too.

Lavaronix/Mechaviathan(and other GTs)- Still uses assisted splash when a teammate is in need of an additional turn. They also use TT and GT even when its allies are asleep.

Lunalord- Uses Risky heal at very improper times.

Penguinator(and everything else with Overwatch)- Seems to have no idea that Overwatch can be used more than once. Peng also uses DB even when he has a wide open opportunity for Slayerbane, which most certainly would do more good than DB in most situations.

Shivadragon- Usually won’t use purify or HP share when he needs to. Should take complete priority over crescendo, not the over way around.

Torrentide- Sometimes Slayerbanes the wrong enemy on purpose.

Wraithcaptain- Quite often seems to forget it has Sleep Double. Also too much priority on dreamhunt, makes it harder to keep the chain.

Agree with most of the list. Some corrections from my expirience:

Balancion - he actually use pure cure all the time for me. Even if he is the only monster left.

Stormloch/shadowhunter/gold - not sure what you ment. I will just say they keep trying to sleep my whole team, even if i got a protector. Just keep making him a sleep, without dreamhunt.
Also i can get lock them into a loop with purify - they sleep, i purify, and again. Wont try anything else. Better then sleep lock lol

Sezareal/balancion pullback - they always use it against me axtually, especially when there is a shocker.

I will add:
Ninja/prisma - just keep using stunt double for no reason, over and over again. Especially prisma.

Protector: alot of monsters will use slayerbane/chrono killer/etc even if a protector is on (and he is not a target ofcourse).

Legendary TT - will use assisted attack in stand of TT if the TU of their teamates isnt that far.

Waking up - enemy can sleep lock you using SS/frost rider or whatever, and then just AOE and wake you up.

Posion touch - alot od times i met a situation where the enemy just keep poison touch my protector, without poison eater (AP monsters).

The moon cloner focus protector - usually he clone, then protect focus, and then risky heal himself (while he got full life) which kills him alot.

Give turns - often giving turns to slept monsters.

Thats it i think.

If you get into a position where SS is the last enemy monster left, it will use sleep all over and over again if it doesn’t have bloodthirst charged. Super annoying in UC.

Z19 GaryOak

Giving the ai the ability to sleep lock would be brutal for some players, especially if it is goldtail sleep locking.
There’s nothing wrong with taking the opportunity when it presents itself. Currently, ai sleeper mons would prioritise targeting blood-charged monsters and removing them as fast as possible. Perfectly normal thing to do; not wise playing with threats. However, this causes them to repeatedly sleep a protector that blocks them from their target.

I’m happy with the SE throwers atm. A big help in UC when they kill off their own team, but it is a small problem that doesn’t need to be addressed. Just acknowledged.

I don’t even know the moveset of djinzar. non-charged bloodcrave is all it goes for. It must be bad if that is the only attacking move it has. What else does it get?

No objections regarding the other points made…

Actually no, I said to Dreamhunt only if they’re unable to put anything to sleep, and if there’s a protector in the way, then they’re unable to sleep anything, so they’ll use Dreamhunt.

Goldtail/Stormloch/Shadowhunter- They just don’t use sleep power to their full advantage, just making a beeline for Dreamhunt every chance they get. Make it so they only use Dreamhunt if they can’t sleep anything that isn’t already asleep.

Btw the ai wouldn’t know that they can’t sleep the mons behind the protector. They are awake, hence sleepable in their eyes.

Anyway, this is the scenario it will bring:

sleep all the sleepable mons. Dreamhunt one and another one comes out. Not all the mons are asleep, so the ai has to sleep the new mon that just came in. Basically sleep locking. This process resumes until a poison entrance or a sleep immune mon enters. The ai can’t sleep anymore so they can proceed in dreamhunting non sleeping mons.

At least that’s what i got from your suggestion. Tbh it doesn’t matter, poison is so prevalant that they won’t even get the opportunity to sleep lock.

So does stag

I agree with everything suggested, they’re all the shortfalls in AI. I think with Soulstealer and Sanctistag they have an extremely high chance to use Sleep all every time and will only use something else if there’s a specific reason to, e.g. one monster of yours on 1HP = they attack, bloodthirst is charged or they want to stealth something to keep it alive.

One more I’d add to the list is:
Stratustrike - will always use protect self if there is no shield. Double survivor is usually the better choice once it is charged.

However, I have to admit that shortfalls in the AI behaviour make PvE enjoyable because you can predict their actions and win through clever gameplay rather than simply having a team which counters theirs.

Here’s an example of something which I think should be fixed:

  • throw/one-on-one SEs using throw when there is a strong monster being sacrificed

Here’s an example of something which I think should be kept:

  • shocking entrance legendaries don’t use sendback

If they’re using all their sendbacks and other monsters like that it would really mess up our teams I think

If something is asleep behind an awake protector then the ai will keep dreamhunting the protector over and over