Advice building new team

Got some serious luck out of 120 gems, this is my new idea of a team. What should I change?

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How about put abbys before flavern

Why? I was trying to avoid two AP beside each other to maximise uptime. Would that be to make sure flare has a target immediately?

Maybe Jaguar towards the beginning.

If he’s onscreen with dusi he can’t use bloodfury, not sure how to spread them out

I like your strategies. Your FL is pretty strong, but kinda slow. The Stun Immune Midgame is a pain for my Solariel. That Shurikaizer shouldn’t enter the field in the start of battle, it’s better near the end.

What do you think about it?

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Moku at slot 16, I can tell you’re not a new player @SanghelioLord :fire:

I know what’s up :eyes:

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Look, you can do something similar to my team, although I put it together, I give you permission that it was copied from my team :joy:🤦

Maybe they will make you missMaybe some improvements are needed and with the maximum cost I know that the team can be better. By the way, suggestions are accepted please that maybe there something that I do not see there
I also have some variables in others like this I have all those variants but sometimes I have all those variants but sometimes they make a difference

:joy::joy: is even higher hero rank than me 🤦:joy:

Padrinorca, Dracorosa, Scarleguard, Dracorosa and dolphreeze; the most used First Liners; Take out cypridrus and move aquamurai to the second row, maybe it will help you with slayerbane then.

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Thank you very much for the advice

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Awesome afternoon everyone :smiley:. Saw this tab and figured I could look for some advice for my team as well, hope not to trouble anyone xD. Anyway, the purpose is that Im trying to get a most efficient team for Nightmare Dungeon since Im currectly stuck at floor 56B and for some reason, I always seem to lose the last of my mons right at floor 61 (floor before 62 checkpoint). Here are my mons (SE, Leg and Mythics) as well as the team Im currently using. Thanks in advance.
P.S: Some mons are still in a need of a bit of training but Im working on them :smiley:.

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You can definitely set up some link fire for magma + ash. Ur only missing novem and inferna to get a perfect link fire section

Thats precisely why Im trying to get Ash fully trained, Im thinking about putting him right after Magma. Being honest, dont know which monsters are inferna and novem xD.

Why don’t you try lunartic and solblaze in your FL. Second dawn can keep you get going. Similarly, you can also use FD Salvia with either Daffodil. Jaguardian and Scarleguard are great First Liners. You should create a link fire mid-game with ashterios. Prismaryx should be in the start of endgame and the icefang or Ziberius to clear any problem monsters. Then a banedragon, novadrake and nauticruiser can get going. And avoid using poison, chrono and protectors in your FL because Padrinorca is storming PvP.


Go and get yourself a Galvbane. Enough said.

Being honest, using lunartic and solblaze in FL didnt come to me xD thanks Ill try implementing that :smiley:. Just got Jaguardian fully evolved so Ill add him and Scarleguard as well, didnt add him before because, as you can see, he wasnt fully evolved yet then. Im still working on fully evolving Ashterios, for some reason, it feels like since last update training goes by with stats lvling up quite slower than before :thinking:. Ill also take your word on Prismaryx, Icefang, Ziberius, Banedragon, Novadrake and Nauticruiser, since youre right about needing to change my endgame. Ive never used poison on FL mainly because I dont have much to have a full-on poison team :laughing:. Huge thanks and wish me luck, hope to reach final floors of Nightmare Dungeon by today xD need those gems for at least a pack or 2 on Halloween banner.

Yep, new lineup is awesome xD huge thanks @X_CHEEMA_X. Been trying it out both on PvE and PvP. I even won 2 matches because the others quit xD.
P.S: Ashterios is almost ready for that mid fire-link section :smiley:.