Act 2 Boss

Anyone know how to beat the Act Chapter 7 boss Ul Ganan?

I really have no idea. He makes 2 copies of himself and each of them makes 2 copies of themselves and so on. Each copy can only use that ability once, but it’s impossible to kill them before they use it since you will need to kill both copies in 1 turn.

Edit: Found a strategy to use. It wasn’t as hard as it seemed. For anyone wondering: Once all 4 have used their clone ability and they only have 1 or 2 in reinforcement. Chip them all slowly down to low health and then wait until your party can make a few attacks before they start. If necessary simply pass your turn until you meet that condition. When you have it, use a AOE attack to kill everyone at the same time and when reinforcment arrives, nuke them before they can use their clone ability. I used Survivor’s Fury in order to instantly kill two of them.


That’s basically the way to do it. Well done :muscle:

Good job that’s what I did as well!!!

So kinda like fighting Gyurelle.