New here.. Still learning.. Help with Rescuing the elf.

New here… Still learning… Help with Rescuing the elf. 3 monsters everytime I get them down to 1 it multiples back to 3

Forgive me if I’m wrong (I haven’t played Evertale myself). However, I think I know the battle you’re talking about. Monsters that clone themselves have a one-time use clone move. The new clone can use the clone move, making another one. The way to take out cloning monsters/characters is you must kill the newest clone before it gets to use its clone move. This might require lining up damaging attacks correctly so you can kill the new clone quickly after it is made / it enters.

Oh no . This boss is entirely different . She clones when she is alone . Her copies can clone when they are alone .

So the trick here is to kill one clone and kill the other two together . Or one after other without giving any turn to the last remaining clone .

Thanks for giving the correct answer lol, worth a try me guessing.

Ty… Looking Like I need to get a little stronger first