Any hints?

I’m stuck on the end boss of act 3 I think it is, I do about 1/2damage to him, then once he gets past that point he just keeps reducing his TU so is constant attacking me and I don’t even get a turn lol. Been stuck now for 2 days! Included my line up.

Train your people to like lv 30 should be a first step

Following what Tarez said, make sure your team is at least level 20, because Druke is level 22 if I remember correctly. Stun him when he doesn’t have stun immunity (this can be done with Rizette), poison him when he has stun immunity (lightling). Train your Levinwolf and place him towards the end of the team (5th or 6th spot) with a good damage accessory and weapon (he will be able to hit the boss with vengeance strike). Place Finn in second to last position and the Skeleton dinosaur in last. This way Finn has a big chance of staying alive and then he may be able to use final stand if things go south. For me the biggest damage dealers against him were Nocteddy evolved form (you should really evolve him, his poison devour does outstanding damage) and my starter monster Jedariel with his vengeance strike (he can be replaced by Levinwolf in your team). Do not use AoE attacks because then your monsters will take ages to have their turn and Druke will just obliterate you.

Thank you. I’m currently doing the power up event to raise all the levels. And I have added the teddy in my line up. He currently level 12 and has evolved now.

Use the one eyed monsyer that stun a random enemy. I stun locked the boss easily with him and won while giving the boss only his first turn.

I beat him with level 12s, no grinding necessary.