Woooooo!!! Congrats and enjoy your well earned darkling :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I actaully just got this pretty recently too!!! It  was a happy moment fo rme as I am sure it is for you!

Nice one!

I’m still quite a way aways myself - but it’s nice to see someone else get there - it gives me hope!

thanks guys! Now even the latter will train arrived. I noticed that training 30 to lvl 99 I marked 29, do not know why but I was sure they were 30 (I counted them) so I had another train counts up to the maximum level ^^

Congats with ur darkling!

here is my necrodrake level 99 … a real power :v:

Lol did you get that boss horn from egg? Or did you bother leveling one up, and congrats for your hard earned reward

I dont have one but i hear there OP

I took it with the reward of level 30 to 99 and subsequently led to the maximum level training him by the fish that give so much exp ^^