A loved list of stego+chac abusers :)




Sorry to interfere, since I’m just a nobody PvE-er, but, uh, there’s not really a rule that says “HEY NO USING STEGO+CHAC >:(”…

My point is that I don’t think this list is necessary. It might even be borderline inappropriate. So what if they’re “abusing” it? There’s no rule for it.

And yes, perhaps it’s hard to beat. But I recall some post that someone claimed to be Anti-Stego+Charc, so people can try that if they’re really having trouble.

But resorting to humiliate the people who use Stego+Charc? They aren’t h a c k i n g. They’re using a legitimate strategy that just so happens to be sort of OP. No need to put their names out there and try to make everybody hate them or something. If you really insist on being anti-Stego+Charc just keep it in occasional comments or even just to yourself. No need to make a whole topic bashing them.

Just my two cents. I’m not saying this as a PvPer or a mod or a beta tester. I’m saying this as a concerned citizen…

Scramble and Banish solve all problems.

Either way, a strategy is still a strategy regardless of how “cheap” it is. It’s actually quite effective. Props to the really chill PvPer who invented it without realizing that it would catch on…:stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, tis fine…besides, stegospike is being changed in the update…therefore, it doesn’t really matter :wink:

So yeah…s’all good.

Lol Im on the list. I was just using it to show my friend about it. Sorry you had to be the victim of my abuse but I dont normally use it. And making this kind of list isnt going to do much about it.

@kookaset: I understand where you are coming from. These people want to be at the top of the pvp record at all costs right? I think they deserve some recognition. Let’s have a thread just for them then. Let them be famous as they want to be.

@Tib: Scramble is just a chance, when the other guy also has a scrambler (dino or chopper). Banish?  I don’t have any egg monster only or  OM monsters… i don’t really know what monster has that skill.

@lethalmilk: I got ya. Will remove you from the list.

I can sort of understand your logic, but I’m still very doubtful. This is supposed to be a friendly community. Sure you’re allowed to express disdain… I just don’t know if this sort of topic is really… well, necessary, I guess. 

I’ll just leave this topic alone for now unless it gets out of control. I’m not very familiar with this sort of thing so I’ll see how others react to it… all I’m saying is be careful. If I check on this topic one day I hope I don’t find a fight or something.


Scramble is still a pretty effective move that makes it much easier when taking in charcalynx/stego teams. At the very least to spreads all the flash bombers and stun gifters throughout the enemy team as opposed to having them all concentrated at the front and then losing your arks one at a time. It also helps to split apart stegospike and charcalynx apart as charcalynx is killed easily if its not properly protected which stegospike and friends does by stunning. Banish I believe is a move only available to vortexor which is an OM ark that hasnt been released yet.

Anyways thx for removing me from this list and again sorry about that little mess I gave ya.

Imma just close this thread because this feels more like an attack on others

The powers levels will be fixed, just a heads up, so the combo will die out