A good line up :)

Hey I made a line up and almost all the time u either win or the opponent DCs.
Here’s the order:
Chopper bug
Don penguini
Ark wing

Credit does got to eddster for the original lineup, I just switched a few and tweaked it around.
The first three moves can be crucial for this strategy, and there are many things u can do: 1 if ur vortexor is first use army wind or knock back depending on what the enemy has(I.e. Knock back a chopper bug).2 if the enemy kills ur vortexor before it goes don penguini should be next, and u can use his chain beak (highly underrated if u ask me) or retreat to the back with Halopard.3 let’s say ur chopper bug gets a move, u can either bolster ur team or scramble(both if the enemy TU is high enough).after those moves it’s pretty simple to win if u are smart about it.
And I do know that it has some OM arks and egg only arks that a lot of people don’t seem to have, but for some u can switch them out I.e. Luxnight for astroleon or plasmorex for minespider(any good heavy hitter).

Also if all three get knocked back don’t DC because u still got army wind, dons showdown, and choppers bolster/stun skin. And hopefully halopardi haste or buff up move.

Why? Why astroleon?

Give u just a tip… dont put the 3 dragons all together… destructor can kill all of them with aoe :slight_smile: put raioh or goldenhorn between them

If it was up to me, I’d definitely change things around. Such as having a tank before vegicat (vegicat is a very valuable ark that can kill almost anything) but it is squishy. Arkwing without haste (therefore havinga the amazing combo of tail whip at 62TU) isn’t very dangerous apart from its beastbane, but not many beasts coming out early game. And many others.

But every person has a different way to play, so if this line up works for you, then great!