8 - The Rising Underdog

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Don Penguini

Hey guys! Tiberius here. Thought that I’d make another team that does not focus on exclusive arkadion. So, without further ado…here you are!

First of all, it’s important to realize how crucial the first turns are. They practically set the match due to the fact that you can ruin your opponent’s strategy. This is one of the key fundamentals of PvPing. It’s important to improve your own team, but you must also analyze your opponents and think “what do they have planned, and how should I counter that?”

Therefore, I have set up the beginning as such. People are generally hesitant to put heavy-hitters in the very front. This is a good and bad thing for both sides. The significance of this team is that the only “safe” target that they have is Arkwing. You may think that it is a waste of a monster, but it’s necessary to put him there. First of all, Arkwing does have impressive speed, so it’s likely that he will at least get one turn in. Then, when it’s the opponent’s turn to strike…what will they hit? They can go for Arkwing, but you will have chopperbug there to scramble. They can go for chopperbug…but they will be stunned and you can haste+heavy hit. They can go for Gremknight…but then you can scramble and heavy hit. There is no safe route.

Then we bring out good ol’ barry. He’s not the best monster, but he will have to do. Tanks are very valuable in PvP, even in the lower leagues. For some, barricadus is not a monster that they would go for. But without exclusive arks, barricadus is definitely a great choice. He offers a fangbreak as well as very impressive defenses. He’s there to protect whatever survived the first round, and to provide defense for Voltiger. This is where knowledge of TU come into play. Voltiger will be using Timestrike to take out some opponents easily. I did not put Plasmorex here, because he can be easily dismissed with a quick chain claw to barricadus. What’s the elegant way to say this…umm…how about “That would like…SUCK”

Moving on…we’ve got Nilomoth, who is a rather tanky fella. This guy should serve as a healer. Who to heal? Depends. You can heal Barricadus if the foe does not have any strong holy arks, or if the foe doesn’t have any metal slashers.

Also…by the time one of the monsters you control becomes defeated, the opponent’s monsters will likely have a large sum of TU. This is so Shadowlance can get some hits in. It’s a great monster, but its fragility makes it necessary to place him strategically. I did not choose Plasmorex, because Metal Slash is one of the most beneficial moves in the entire game. I cannot stress the importance of it enough. Metal and Dragon monsters are easily the most powerful in the game. They are strategic and strong. Metal slash will be your savior.

After that comes your little holy squad. I’m running out of time here, so I’ll keep this nice and short. We have Angelon, Luxkknight, Anubis, and Halopard. I don’t think I need to explain much. Increase defense, speed up, heal if necessary, use guardian for sure, and then pound with Ally Holy and other attack moves.

Then, you should have Omegawyrm come out. Again, you can boost its stats and then hit heavily. Or, you can No Guard and hit hard…and then have it die, so you can bring out Don Penguini. The strategy at the end is very common. Raioh can die, stunning them. Then you flashbomb with Raijin and then Showdown. Or you can stun gift and terminate/supernova if it is possible. And then Flashbomb and continue hitting heavily. There are many ways to bring out the true potential of showdown.

:smiley: awesome!!! Good ideas tiber! Keep them coming!