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Don Penguini

Who says that you can’t do well without egg-exclusives or OM monsters? This thread is for those who are beginners, those who don’t have the best monsters, or for those who tend to be really unlucky. n.n

To begin with, we have arkwing, Chopperbug, and metallodius. The metallodius is bound to give your opponents’ a headache. Like…a reallly bad headache. Decoy really does suck. But that’s good for you. If they get blocked by Metallodius, be sure to scramble with chopperbug and hit with Arkwing. If they don’t and use an AoE and kill Chopperbug…then they are stunned. You simply use Water Void, protecting magma from any super-effective attacks and bringing out pyroviper to use Ally Flame to get rid of the monster that has the least TU. Then you use Arkwing’s Tachyon or Supernova, and maybe Beastbane depending on the situation. And if the opponent targets Arkwing first? Then you have Metallodius, Chopperbug, and magmawyrm. You can choose to bolster first and then scramble…with a boosted metallodius absorbing some damage…or you can go with watervoiding and heavy hitting with pyro and magma. 

Then we’ve got the middle portion with Luxknight, Barricadus, Nilomoth, Plasmorex, and Typhonwyrm. It’s really quite simple. It’s protecting your heavy hitters with a tank, healing the aforementioned tank, and then blasting your opponents…hard. n.n And if any of the monsters survive long enough, they will be used with Halopard.

Halopard is there as a fantastic supporting ark. It can speed up, heal, and boost stats. It’s in between typhonwyrm and omegawyrm to get some great damage in. Most of the time, your opponents will go for the wyrms first. In that case, you sacrifice it along with Raioh and Angelon to start some Showdowns. Otherwise…if Halopard goes first…Omegawyrm hits heavily, and once it dies, raioh and angelon sacrifice for Showdowns from Don Penguini. Or maybe you want to sacrifice it to heal Typhon and Omega? Then you can stun gift with Raioh and blast the enemies into oblivion. However…what happens if Raioh dies first? Then they are stunned, you haste with Angelon, no guard with omega, and Terminate. Again, this is one of the most versatile strategies in the entire game, and is useful even for people with the best monsters that are currently obtainable.

Thank you so much, i have to use this =D
This is pure genius

Why thank you n.n

Tell me if it works or sucks. There’s always room for improvement, so I can see if I can tweak some stuff. the reality is that with all of the OP players, it’s tough to get a win without egg-onlys :(…but we’ll see how well this holds up :slight_smile:

Ive tried this except i used typhoon and in place of magma pyro, i don’t use dragons much at all, infact rarely because of destructor but I’m giving them a little PvP love now and i don’t have leafy so i use pyro instead of magma, and i dont have omega so i used voltiger because of his time strike and at the end people always seem to use omega so he uses a move that puts on a lot of TU and i use timestrike to do some heavy damage and plus haste volts timestrike is deadly

So far this has been pretty good for me

That’s what I was thinking before, but I realized that without timestrike, voltiger is incredibly weak. However, if it works for you, that’s great! :slight_smile:

I’ll be testing all of these strategies a lot more in the future, and I’ll also post videos if we find a way to screen-record.

But yeah…you’ll want to get leafy ASAP. Omegawyrm is a great asset, and you’ll notice the difference between pyro and magma. n.n

Yeah, since he is identical to typhoon i can guess how good he is and i get omega to so really need leafy, ive just been so buisy and drained at the end of the days that im to lazy to farm i just want to relax and do something fun, farming is not fun

Then they are stunned, you haste with Angelon, no guard with omega, and Terminate. Again, this is one of the most versatile strategies in the entire game , and is useful even for people with the best monsters that are currently obtainable.

In case anyone is wondering the validity of this last statement… It is more true than you want to beleive. There are a few variations but ultimately it’s what i like to call death row, because… well, frankly lots of things die… fast… like really fast.

I’m sure lots of folks appreciate this one TIB!

This team works great! I beat out a stego charc combo because of the help of metalloidus and I am using this in master league so I must be getting lucky.

Couldn’t agree more n.n

Ahaha. There will be better strategies in the future though. Minespider will no longer be a staple, and Don Penguini will not be super common :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

OMG!!! This is such an amazing team!!! I’m always annoyed because the higher ranks are full of egg only teams but this puts me back up with leagues!!! Thanks so much tib!

Glad to hear that it works! Happy that I could help :slight_smile:

I have a S rank gear wolf, do u think it would be better to put him in instead of pyro viper?

Wow just Tanks i got a 9 winstreak now in master and that Even when i get no om arks just thbak you so much tiberius please do More of that :slight_smile:

99Frank - If you’d like to, that will work nicely! Gearwolf is a great monster. Your opponents won’t know what to do…kill gearwolf and activate Last Fury that buffs your Magmawyrm…or kill magmawyrm and get hit by Gearwolf. It really is  a nice combo! :slight_smile:

Roflx - Congratulations! And no problem at all! Glad to know that I helped. And don’t worry, I will! :slight_smile:

Thx so much

No problem.

U think of everything don’t u

I try n.n

Do you have a master list of each of your teams, Tib?

I’m going to pin it if it hasn’t been pinned already so people can look at a variety of things and get ideas

Tis called “The Strategy Warehouse” and is pinned in the PvP section. Thanks, though. :slight_smile: