400 sec bug is back

This is the second time I’ve encountered this bug in the last week. This time it was triggered when the enemy Bloomeluga water cannoned my Drako and then brought in Avia. I don’t know if it was the combo of roaring entrance and knock back or something else. It Happened on level 10 showdown tower. I was gonna win the battle so now I lost my tickets. If it was a trainer battle I would be very annoyed.

Hmmm This is a screenshot from when it happened last time…I just noticed that Bloomeluga is on the other team again…Looks fishy in more ways than one😅 I wonder if it has something to do with his Knockback move bringing in an entrance passive monster🤔
@Dev_BRD please have a look

The bug might have nothing to do with the pink whale. But worth checking it out…

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This bug has never been solved. just eased

I must be very unlucky. Haven’t encountered it in many months and now twice in a week or two.

Would be great to fix it Devs.

I abuse 400 sec bug on grinding exp

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In October of last year I made the last claim for this error, the error never went away and it continues to happen often with Bunkerbeast’s or CaptainWhiskers, when the shield is removed, the bug usually appears. I did not return to claim, the last time I had this answer:

We thank you for the report.
Although we have fixed the main causes of this phenomenon in the previous update (see 2.1.1), we have found that there are few other rare scenarios that cause the same issue.
If you have not done so, please update to version 2.1.1 by visiting the Google Play store (Android) or the Apple App store (iOS).
We are currently investigating the other potential causes for this bug, and we will release another patch once we have fixed those.
We sincerely apologize for this severe inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and support.

I showed them that it was not because of the version … and I did not get any more answers. This I could record in an opportunity:

Nah its not just thise monsters you mentioned that are affected by that bug :smirk:

It’s true, just mention examples, I understand that it can happen with all the monsters that have shields.

This bug appears , when a shield is removed and when u click a spell simultaneously.

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Nope, not in my case


Pink whale on the field again.